English Languages

If we do not know foreign languages and meet an alien, we have a hard time. In order to express a simple idea, we gestures, draw pictures, giving away the whole pantomime. We can communicate, but how awkward! Differences in languages – an integral part of human culture. And if we want the border did not prevent us from understanding each other, we should learn foreign languages. With emotions – the same thing. The language in which you express your love, may differ from your spouse’s language, like English from Chinese. It is useless to explain her love for him in English, if he understands only Chinese.

You never learn to love each druga.Malo just be honest. In love, have explained in the language of the one you love … … I think the ability to speak the native language of your spouse is the key to a long happy married life. Love is not always disappear after the wedding, but to preserve it, almost all of us have work and learn yet another language of love. Do not rely on home, when our satellite is not understood. If we want it to feel our love, we should talk about it in his own language ‘is the same, and in partnership in business, and for teaching in schools, institutes and courses. If you want to be heard – speak the native language of anyone you want to reach. Why would you do? This is obvious, my dear Watson! Imagine that you are abroad, all around babble something incomprehensible language, and even worse, on several obscure languages, and suddenly .