Dead Sea Resorts For Calm And Tranquility

Resorts Dead Sea will be presented with an opportunity to plunge into the unparalleled atmosphere of calm and enjoy a magical spa-procedures. The favorable climate of the Dead Sea resorts: thermal waters, mineral mud, fresh air and provide you with excellent health otdyh.Chem to do and see in the area To diversify the Dead Sea healing vacation, you can arrange a guided tour of entertaining historical and natural attractions of Israel in the Dead Sea. Certainly worth a visit Qumran – Archaeological Park, where once the scrolls were found, containing the oldest existing texts of the Old Testament – the famous' Dead Sea Scrolls. " In the Qumran excavations remained the central complex of Qumran, caves, where they were hidden well-known manuscripts – all this is very interesting to see firsthand. The vast complex was a room for meetings, a kitchen and refectory, a pottery workshop, laundry, water tanks for washing, pantry, observation tower, cemetery, library and skriptorium, where community members rewrote the old manuscripts. Fairytale Ein Gedi, near which is the eponymous spa-center. Ein Gedi – a unique Wildlife Refuge, located at the place where lifeless mountains of the Judean Desert down to the coast of the Dead Sea.

On the rocks Ein Gedi walking mountain goats and gazelles, as you can see there Domanov. Accustomed to friendly attention, animals are not afraid to travel. You can also admire the reserves of Nahal David and Nahal Arugot, where streams flow all year, go on an exciting adventure, desert safari by jeep.