Congruence Therapist

Relatively to as and third estimated behind statements, Rogers gave a particular relief to the form as the person enters in relation with another one. Thus, it enumerated and it defined a set of attitudes that considered facilitadoras of the communication process Inter-human being. In in case that specific of the thematic one in reference, the quality of relation that if establishes in the pedagogical context, nominated the attitudes of the professor stops with the pupil, not only determines the level quality of the learning, as well as the proper personal development of the pupil. Although, in the perspective of Rogers these attitudes to be part of a set that must be integrated in the person of the professor, we will go definiz them each one, as form of better explicitarmos. 3,1 Congruence That is, absolute authenticity of the part of the therapist stops with the customer. Acme contributes greatly to this topic.

The therapist must be he himself, without ' ' fachada' ' of professional. The term transparency of the bigger one meant to this concept. The therapist must express its positive feelings completely, is of compassion, understanding, as well as its negative feelings, as fear, and never its opinions or judgments on the customer. When the customer perceives that the therapist if of the right o of being authentic, it can discover this same freedom. 3,2 Unconditional acceptance therapist must show an acceptance attitude that the customer allows to live deeply any feeling. This demands not the envolvement of the judgment and the manipulation, or the friction the customer.

When this flows in a natural way the probability of success in the therapeutical process is bigger. The therapist cannot face this as an obligation, he must be part of its process of relationship with the people, mainly with the customer. 3,3 Emptica understanding The therapist ' ' entra' ' in the fenomenal field of the customer, he feels its feelings, and he looks for to understand its meanings personal as they are being lived deeply for the customer.