Choose Fishing

I love to fish. I got carried away doing this in school. I remember the first time I came to the fishing shop for fishing tackle. Eyes run, everything is beautiful. Buy the first spinning I helped my grandfather – a fisherman with the experience. If you do not Fisherman's friend, I'll give you some free advice about how to buy your desired spinning. The first question when buying any rod, and including spinning is its shape: Telescopic or plug.

Pluses the first version of its compactness. Telescopic spinning easily transported from place to place. But the plug, especially composite plug, the rod is the next level. So let's say for the more advanced fishermen. Now we need to decide on the material. Here a great choice: fiberglass, carbon fiber (carbon fiber) composite.

Each material has both pluses and minuses. Spinning of the glass are relatively cheap and easy to clean and use. But the weight spinning of the fiber is poor. Span with the spinning time-consuming. cfrp – lightweight and comfortable material. Choose the best carbon spins with an average content of graphite. The more figure, the spinning harder. But the low content of graphite affects the quality of fishing rods. Composite is a transitional form between the fiberglass and carbon fiber. Kompozitovy spinning much inferior to carbon, so that it is better to spend money once on a good udilo. The length of the reel also has a value in the selection. For fishing on big rivers and lakes make better use of spinning from 3 meters. Up to 2,5 meters for fishing in small streams and ponds. Spinning differ in terms of the mass of bait (test). Angling for small fish need to buy a fishing rod with a test 5-15 oz. And for the average 7-25 oz. When selecting the reel to take into account such factors as work the rod tip. In fishing there The term defines it – story. Story is a fast, medium and slow. Their distinction depends on what part of the end of the reel is responsible for the load. In quick order 1 / 3, medium and slow the load is open all tip. When you have decided on the rates boldly go into the store and choose the spin that suits you on the indicators. When a select, carefully inspect the rod. Rings should sit tight. Not allowed even small cracks in the holders of the rings and spinning. Fishing gear on the market, there are well-known companies. They are responsible for the quality of their products. The choice of spinning it for the inexperienced angler quite troublesome. And often the first purchase comes the disappointment. But experience has come with time and soon you'll easily be able to choose between their teeth with their eyes closed.