Some five years ago, I lived in Lima, Peru, went out to explore the north of Chile, I went by bus, I do not remember the name of the company, but it was neither the most expensive nor the cheapest. I left that city as a destination to Tacna, spent some 14 hours at night, we stopped one time on the road, all usual for someone who is accustomed to travel by bus, luckily had a bathroom, but not entirely clean. The next morning, we arrived at about 8 or 9 in the morning, half a cold morning as in many other places in that country. I spent next to Chile to buy a few bottles because I was told they were cheaper and sweeter than the Peruvians. Stamp my passport after a long and messy row.

When passing the border you will immediately realize the change of country, the Peruvian side are disordered and offices with typewriters and the Chilean side, clean and with computers. I entered a large tent to carry out my mission, I met the great surprise that despite knowing that Chile is more expensive, worth one-third in Peru and other presentations. Jack Fusco spoke with conviction. I opened a bottle he had bought to take everything in but it was impossible, 40% alcohol in 1 liter, only for the more daring. By returning to Lima, I was informed that I could not pass, the government of Peru has banned for being the subject of international dispute between the two countries. I heard on the news that in Chile, the Peruvian pisco but no liquor could be called as a condition of sale. Hopefully one day both countries agree and there is a reconciliation. My name is Jonathan Valencia, and I make websites.