Blamann Restaurant

Let's go From left home early in the morning. All the while traveling to Vyborg, was pouring .Prosto wall of water. Say is to udache.Pered abroad have filled – we go further. Finland-Sweden ferry ferry-place and time to rest before not near the road. Walking to and fro along the boardwalk and looking at the frolicking animators decide to dine. About reservation of seats in the fish restaurant, best take care in advance (as soon settled on the ferry), which is what we are doing. Get the best table, next to a large viewing window.

Trifle, but nice. After dinner a little more "pushed" by the ferry the next morning. Arrived in . 9:00 am. Moving to Lillehammer Again, driving rain. Probably a big success. Lillehammer (Lillehammer) The first stop for the night in Norway – Lillehammer. The emblem of the city depicts a skier, a sign that Lillehammer and center of winter sports in Norway.

Tradition of skiing in Lillehammer have their origin from 1206, when the skiers have saved the young Haakon Hokonssona, transport it through Mt. And in 1994 the city became the venue for 17 ZimnihOlimpiyskih games. In the evening walk around the city. A quiet calm provincial town. Photograph. Very good restaurant Blamann.V menu even has a crocodile and kangaroo meat. Exotics have decided not to indulge in – zakazaliRybu. The kitchen was decent. Like everywhere else in Norway – not cheap. Dinner for two, about 150 euros. (A little advice – if you're in the restaurant, do not order crab, limit to fish menus – do not regret it) hotel chosen: First Hotel Breiseth well.