Black Sea

The cost of holidays in Gelendzhik is low, but even that varies widely. Should you contact the agency that offers you a choice of all possible options for recreation by the sea in Gelendzhik. Holiday Villages are Gelendzhik on the Black Sea: * Kabardinka – located between Kabardinka Novorossiysk and Gelendzhik – on the shore of the bay Tsemess Black Sea in a broad valley. Sea, mountains and forests created in the Valley mountain-sea, moderately humid climate, favorable for treatment and rest. * Divnomorskoe – located on the lower bank of the Black Sea, 12 killometrah of Gelendzhik.

Broad valley of two rivers and Mezyb Aderba down to the sea. Suitable beaches are composed of sand and small pebbles. Sandy sea bottom, too, comfortable. * Dzhanhot – located 5 km from Divnomorskoe, and 20 km from Gelendzhik, on the banks of a delightful bay, one of the most picturesque places on the coast. Dzhanhote pebble beach, its length of 600 meters. * Praskoveevka – a small resort village that is located in 3 km from Dzhanhota, 17 km south-east of Gelendzhik. Praskoveevka village situated among the mountains in Praskoveevskoy gap, one of the most elite recreational Black Sea coast.

The climate here is unique. The magic combination of sea air and pine scent. * Krynica – located in the valley Pshada, 32 kilometers from Gelendzhik. Mount Shahan north-vochstoka Krynitsa separates from the village of Riverside and zashischaet it from cold winds, the coast with beautiful beaches for Swimming is covered with pebbles. * Betty – located in a picturesque valley at the small of the same river 50 km from Gelendzhik, 300 meters from the sea and 20 meters above sea level. Beach Betty a little pebble, its length is 300 meters, width – 5 to 25 meters. In beach area from nearby canyons to the sea breaks through the beautiful river Betta. * Arhipo-Osipovka – a village situated at the mouth of the rivers and Vulan Teshebs 50 km from Gelendzhik toward Dzhubga. The climate here is akin to the climate of Nice on the Mediterranean. Embankment, although inferior to Gelendzhik on the extent, but no less elegant and attractive. The bottom of the bay a gently sloping, shallow. Water well warmed.