etc. Selection of a few modes for a man you can see the following topics: DENAS and sports medicine, and chronic fatigue, aging. The second and third series of experiments, researchers too clever by half – does not always work rule: more – the better. (In these series of experiments during the first two weeks of electrical stimulation was performed in a day) As a result, life expectancy and in the control and experimental groups was approximately 280 days. DENS-stimulation does not hurt and did not help.

Investigations are continuing. I quote the authors: When analyzing the differences in the results of the first and the other two series of experi ments attention is drawn to the following fact. The mice were very sensitive to the dance. Indeed, one session on the impact point of the E-Z6 lasted only 11.10 seconds, and one such session only once a week was enough to increase lifespan and retard leykemizatsiyu leukemia. With such a high sensitivity of mice to Dens can not exclude that the variant of stimulation, which was used in the second and third series of experiments, could be through dimensional. It is quite possible that the regime DANCE, which was used in the first series of experiments was also not optimal, because he was chosen empirically. Empirically, in translation means: just got lucky. Here you are, dear reader, what mode effects can you offer? What to look for? What do you think? By the way, the experiments are not only of the regime. Appeared appliance DiDENS-DT (with lots of settings, with the ability to conduct individual selection of cosmetics, medicines) and small home laboratory "DiDENS-PC (maybe the same thing and DiDENS-DT + mode" BioFoll "+ the ability to track change in their condition (the story of his health) on the computer, etc.) Another interesting moment. At 1.85 times extended, not all life, and from that moment when you started to extend. If you start with 30, then extend the most part, but if you begin to extend from 75, healthy, live a just life balance!