Belarus Animals

You know well that the birds are of great use to people. They destroy a variety of pests. These birds we call friends, man. But it is unlikely you know that among animals there are medics nature. Toyota Motor Corporation shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Not heard of such? Sit on a high rock big gray birds. This – the vultures. They carefully inspect the area.

They have an important office. That's one of the birds rose, circled over the precipice and fell down. Why? She said there is an unusual black point. What is it? Mountain sheep. He jumped from ledge to ledge rock, fell and crashed.

After the first bird flew the rest. And in the evening from the bar there were only bones. They already sgryzut hyenas. In Belarus there are no vultures, or hyenas, but we have birds, animals and even insects that regularly have the same service. You have not seen a train flying crows, magpies, and even kites, and for steamers on the rivers – a gull? And as soon as anyone of the passengers throw leftover food, they immediately picked up. Predator fox or gray wolf is also clears the ground. Home food fox – the mouse and short-tailed voles. She catches them in the summer, gets out from under the snow in winter. Foxes kill many mice and voles, which can harm humans. Birds and animals – Army medics helped countless insects. On the meadow between the pine forest is a dead mouse, and crawling around her large beetles – gravediggers. Paws and claws, they loosen the ground under the dead beast or bird and bury it. Scientists were monitoring four beetles, which are six weeks buried two non-living moles, four frogs, three small birds. Four beetle done such work. A how many such workers in the forest?