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The number of depositors, in whole or in part took away from the savings banks, has grown over the last month from 15.09% to 23.57%. This is evidenced by data from surveys conducted at the portal. If in September, deposits from the bank took 7.06% respondents, while another 8.03% were partially removed, in October of their share has increased to 10.97% and 12.6% respectively. From 3.69% to 2.32% reduced the number of customers that banks are refusing to return deposits. Read more here: Air Force Chief of Staff . The most resistant group respondents not to panic and not withdrawn deposits decreased from 57.87% to 44.83%. At the same time increased the number of optimists otnesshih, despite the crisis, additional funds in the bank – from 10.35% in September to 13.73% in oktyabre.Esche 15.55% of the respondents reported that they do not have a bank deposit (a month earlier – 13%). In the October survey, the attended by 1,607 people. Results of voting.