Art Educating

Having as broken these to know, the professor will develop its planning and the work plan to be developed by these pupils. How much to the specific contents of each he disciplines, will have to be articulated the reality, considering its partner-historical dimension, articulated to the world of the work science, the new technologies, amongst others. (DCE? YOUNG EDUCATION OF ADULT, 2006, p.22) In the lessons of Art if respects and incorporates the diversity, with significant metodolgicas proposals, using of resources and varied dynamic, searching the participation of the young and adults in the individual and collective processes of knowledge construction. To search, to organize and systemize mechanisms that can use the cultural movements of street of the young? its accomplishments with the body, music, the plastic arts, the community. (SAUCERS, In. MEC, p.112) In establishments EJA of the Paran, the basic knowledge are the same ones of regular education, in the levels, basic and average, however the metodolgico guiding is differentiated, in view of histories of the life of educating.

If not forgetting to repass the contents of integral form, considering the pupil of the EJA as adult, therefore it comes with the objective to know so that and why to study. In the article the 56 of the LDB curricular contents are centered in practical the social one and in work and methodology of adequate teach-learning to the matureness and experience of the pupil. In the orienting text for the construction of the proposal pedagogical-curricular of the Young Education of Adult (2009): The professors fit to know the young profile of its educating adult and aged. To use adequately the available spaces and half didactic-pedagogical materials tormando them to implement an education methodology that respects the process of acquisition of the knowledge of each educating.