Apply Edges

In place adjacency to the floor must be embedded pieces of drywall to form a stitch width of about 10 mm, and the ceiling – about 5 mm (ventilation during a seizure). Mounted on strips of drywall. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dunkin’ Donuts. To eliminate the substantial irregularities attach a special glue strips of 60 cm, and the curtain at the surface to carry out additional plug-Noe mount across, every 60 cm-aligned vertical and horizontal strips are glued drywall rigips plasterboard rigips thick 12,5 mm with mass jointing Super, applied a thin layer. Cutting boards in size by a hacksaw with a fine tooth hand or circular saw. Holes produced by rasp, hacksaw or a special cutter.

For electrical wire should be used with a protective sheath (cable NYM). Wiring is carried out on the masonry wall, as in the dry plaster. Application of a special adhesive layer of mineral wool slabs combined Rigiterm mf carried out in two stages. First step: Apply a thin layer of special glue rigips width of about 10 cm on the edges and the middle plate, with the strength rubbing it into the surface. Second step: to apply a fresh coat of another portion of a special glue on the edges – in the form of strips, and in the middle – a dotted line. In roofing tiles Rigiterm combined thickness of 35, 50 and 60 mm foil insert is provided already plant.

In special cases, can be applied over a thick aluminum foil. Butt plate. Along the longitudinal edges of the joint boards should be dense.