Insomnia and sleep problems are still an issue that enough is not considered important. In our society it does not speak just about sleep problems. It is considered simply and touchingly not medical problem! So, you must not also mention it at the doctor’s Office. The individual causes of insomnia are very diverse. So, for example, organic, psychological or physical causes can have. Digital Cameras may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Or they are caused by environmental factors or lifestyle. Psychological factors are for example: seemingly hand problems at work or in the family, thoughts channeled the sleep can trigger.

But even everyday habits can adversely impact on sleep. In addition, many common medications, for example against colds, as well as for weight loss, can cause insomnia. Also Alcohol helps you more susceptible to interference, the sleep during the night when also the sleep process can be accelerated. People who have an irregular sleep patterns, such as shift workers and professionals, more than under the week working on the weekend, are particularly vulnerable to sleep problems. Also applies: the more someone seeking a restful night’s sleep in the night, the more increases the alertness and sleep difficult.

First and foremost, people who often worried about the restriction of their performance on the basis of sleep problems on the day are affected. In a learned insomnia is a danger then”where any actions related to bedtime, act like dressing pyjamas or switching off of light, like a pulse to the staying awake. The learned insomnia is caused mostly by a stress situation and becomes independent with the time. Conflicts in the workplace, tests, or relationship problems enabling the physical, in the short term increase mental and emotional arousal. This inner tension affects the sleep continuity and depth of sleep. The person concerned perceives the lack of sleep and begins, the longer the symptoms persist to worry more and more about the sleep.