Alan Humphries

Of these 1,000 people, you can expect that to participate at least 125 people (12.5% of 1000 = 125), so further 5,000 emails (125 x 40), being sent out now with you on the No. 2 position. Out of those 5,000 people, you can expect that at least 625 respond (12.5% of 5000 = 625), so 25,000 emails (625 x 40) will be sent out, with their EMAIL address in the first place! Of the 25,000 people out you can expect 3.125 will respond (12.5% of 25,000 = 3.125) and since you now the No. 1 the list, received 12.500,00 euros (3.125 x 4). Who is willing to invest a half an hour is ready to receive around 10,000 euros or more. In the next few days, they will receive 100 payments a day in about 30 days. Then starts to reduce the volume of payments itself, while your email address gives the position of no. 1.

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