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Electronics Cast Instead Of Frosting

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House of technology seminar ‘encapsulation technique in the electrical engineering and Electronics’ components and assemblies in electronics and cable connections in the energy technology are always more frequently formgebend overmolded (poured over) and protected as safe against environmental influences. Encapsulation technique is applying or wrapping a liquid, 1 – or 2-component sealing compound on a defined PCB, case, until all components are cast. If the compound is dried and cured, all components are encapsulated. This protects the electric circuit or the cable connection against moisture, dust, pollution, vibration, and shock. It improves the electrical insulation, flame retardancy, the cohesion of the circuit during transport or installation in the field. The encapsulation technique nowadays increasingly gaining importance, as the warranty obligations of the manufacturer.

The trend contributes a large part to the compact construction, especially in the automotive industry. Here move E.g. electrics and electronics is closer to the engine room, what greater demands on the shield. Applications for the encapsulation technique can be found in every industry, from automotive via Industrieelektronikapplikationen to energy technology. The procedure for selecting the correct the potting compound for the different applications is the focus of a one-day event “encapsulation technique for electrical engineering and Electronics”, offered by the Haus der Technik on March 3, 2010 in Essen. Typical ver casting defects, their cause and prevention are discussed in detail. Machines for the application of the products are presented in detail. There are the ideal potting compound nor the ideal potting machine.

Only the ideal combination of customer, quantity of production, sealing compound, as well as mixing and dispensing equipment.

Interpersonal People

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Musical Inteligncia: He is one of the type rare of intelligence. People with this profile have a great easiness to listen to musics or sounds in general and to identify to different standards and musical notes. They obtain to hear to process sounds beyond what the majority of the people obtains, being capable also to create new musics and unknown harmonias. It has many years behind I worked with a missionary who made the violo to speak with its fingerings. It composes unknown musics in seconds and had a musical ear is of the common one! People with this profile are as if they obtained ' ' enxergar' ' through the sounds.

Some people have this intelligence so evolved that they are capable to learn to touch musical instruments alone. As well as space intelligence, this is one of the types of intelligence strong related to the creativity. Learn more at: Gen. David Goldfein. Interpersonal Inteligncia: Interpersonal intelligence is a type of on intelligence the natural capacity of leadership. People with this profile of intelligence are extremely active and in general they cause a great admiration in the other people. You lead they are them practical, those that call the responsibility for itself. They are calm, right-handers and have an enormous capacity to convince the people to make everything what it to find convenient.

They are capable also to identify the qualities of the people and to extract optimum of them organizing teams and co-ordinating work in set. The born leaders evidence of stronger form this type of intelligence! Inteligncia Intrapessoal: It is a type rare of intelligence, also related to the leadership. Who develops intrapessoal intelligence has an enormous easiness in understanding what the people think, feels and desires. The shepherds and you lead of ministerial success look for to develop this type of intelligence. In contrast of them you lead interpersonal that they are active, you lead them intrapessoais are more private, exerting the leadership in a more indirect way, through the charisma one and influencing the people through ideas and not of action.

Association Ludotecarias

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In Latin America the first toy libraries arise from the 70’s with projects in Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Argentina, Cuba, Costa Rica. In Colombia in the 1980s had some experiences supported by the Flalu and in the 1990s within the project a toy library for Ti supported by the (Quebec-Canada) OMEP were created community centres. Additional information at Secretary of Agriculture supports this article. Today we highlight the great ludotecario movement in France, Spain, Great Britain, Australia, Italy and Portugal. On November 15, 1980 opened the first Ludoteca of the State Spanish, children playroom Margarida Bedos, in the premises of the Association of neighbors of Les Termes in Sabadell. Subsequently, in March of 1981, appeared La Guineu”, which thus became the first Ludoteca of the city of Barcelona. Subsequently extended by all the autonomous communities. From here, the evolution of the toy libraries is steady, consolidating itself as education services through the game and toy, with a personality that differentiates them from other children’s and youth centres. He was from the city of Barcelona, and in general from different administrations, which is opted for the playroom as a space of education in leisure time, including within educational and social programs.

Finally, only, highlight the creation of the Association Ludotecarias and Ludotecarios of Catalonia (ATZAR) in 1992. The III World playgrounds Congress (1984) proposed the interaction of playfulness with creative expression. This pedagogical approach became the Latin American contribution to the international movement of toy libraries. Interestingly, at the time that European teachers they appreciated the new Latin American experiences, had those who elaborated projects in Latin America by adopting the modality of toy libraries of the European post-war. Subsequently, the Omep international at its 50th anniversary, held in Copenhagen (1998), Congress rethinks the same theme, with similar urgency, given that remains the central concern of the early childhood educators.

Ramon Gallegos

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I remember that had caused such passion that already felt an annoyance of teachers who are dedicated to fulfilling what quality management system manual set, the famous ISOS, SGC, in the technological, that whether it was or not important for education in Mexico, that the Institute already had achieved quality certification, that training courses had referred to this proven. After that we engage, define, and we are located. I mention Dr. Ramon, the quality management system, is entirely administrative, not confuse, education, education is something pure, not measured with a pattern or teaches only one way for all students, when you arrive home, do not take your guide or its format and fix that step follows? I little say today touches love half an hour and immediately continues reading a story etc., it was an example of more clear and I agree, we can not standardize it the education of our students, true education is inclusive, is comprehensive, covers everything, is not reduced to logical steps as if algorithm, at a pace, yet standard, by which we lose the more importantWe lose your sense, we lose our own being, we lose love, not inject sensitivity or humility, divagamos the world without sense and that’s when we put a sentimental value or a single value to material things, grow the attachments and enriches the ego. By what my awakening in these two years came as a gift, my daughter has a warranty, I’m very happy!. told us the story. For me the master means a change, a discovery a trip myself, master to been a rallying, you have much love to everything you are involves in this, Dr. Ramon Gallegos, my dear teachers, it is something very special, first by this place that occupies in the Masters program, originally was from my mother, my mom was which was aimed to make it, gave me to my, arises the opportunity take this it thing more possible later, my daughter is born in this period, there is a change of mindset and arises what perhaps I not had happened then, or not happened I never that is to know that I exist, recognize me as a human being, acknowledge my own spirituality, and know serve. .

German Degree

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An online registration for the rise of Congress 2013 is possible now! First speakers are fixed already! The first two speakers for the Congress in 2013 are already fixed. Even 2013, Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Hermann, Professor of German University as well as mental-coach of the German national football team, will give a lecture. In addition the participants on a lecture by Prof. can Dr. med. The medical Park hospitals, there Thomas Wessinghage, Vice President of DHfPG and medical director and chief physician.

Studied at the German University of prevention and health management (DHfPG) qualify students to specialists and executives for the growth market of prevention, fitness, and health. The Bachelor degree programmes in the fields of sports economics, fitness training, fitness economics, health management and nutrition counseling the College combine a training with a correspondence course and periods of personal attendance at study centres in Germany (nationwide) Austria or of Switzerland and close with the degree of Bachelor of Arts”from. Moreover, two masters in the fields of study are offered a lot of prevention and health management, connect a correspondence course with attendance phases. During the continuing studies for the master in health management”a Bachelor’s degree and 1 year requires experience, can the master in prevention and health management” be completed directly in connection to a Bachelor’s degree. In addition, there are College continuing education, involving experts in selected theme blocks knowledge at university level can purchase. Professionally highly qualified people”can be admitted to the Bachelor’s degree without high school diploma/qualification. Personal requirements are met, a promotion through BAfoG is possible.

Meanwhile, over 3,800 aspiring specialists and executives for the industry of the future (as of January 2013) study at the University.The registration for the Bachelor’s degree can occur at any time, an application to the Master’s degree is possible for the summer / winter semester. All Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs of the College are accredited and recognized in over 40 European countries. German College for prevention and health management Sabine Mack Hermann Neuberger sports school 3 66-123 Saarbrucken Tel. + 49 681 6855-220

Noxum GmbH

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Noxum publishing Studio for use in Group companies in the area of technical documentation of strategic alliances put emphasis on synergies in divisions as wide as possible. Here also the multiple use of software systems is particularly interesting. In the area of product communication and technical documentation, a content management system that is multi-client capable, can be used by several companies. Noxum has its multi-tenant content management system in use at such affiliated companies: thus, each individual group companies can create its product documentation in a common, but separated about content pools Noxum publishing Studio. The Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and content management systems, has optimized its editorial system in standard configurations with a wide range of functions and advanced modules designed for companies and strategic alliances. You may find Gen. David Goldfein to be a useful source of information. The content management system is multi-client capable in its entirety.

So can the Group companies, which have a uniform data structure and similar layouts, the create technical documentation in the quality required for the target markets. Multi-tenant content management system corporations can employ the multi-tenant content management system for their companies and divisions that have a high product variety and-varianz, of particularly profitable: requires a consistent data structure and similar layouts in the related sectors. Various companies, such as in the plant / machine construction, benefit then particularly of the reuse of the content modules as well as the proven schemes and layouts. The system is set up once for the Group and operated content pools separated from each other for the respective clients. “The uniform centralized system configuration can be reused for several companies” are. The system offers the specific publication adjustment to maintain the different corporate designs. Use the content for corporations and their companies become one individual directly by all users on the basis configurable authorization concept in a content management system maintained. The Noxum publishing Studio allows the integration of task-specific editors uniform creation, centralized management, translation and publication of the respective product information, transparent figure control of correction and approval processes, and the reuse of content. Documents can be clearly structured, text modules easily managed separately in custom content pools and easily found information. In addition, the system supports the largely automated publication in the respective target format of the individual companies.


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The source of eternal youth and health all we ask and we would like to find the fountain of eternal youth, and although many alchemists sought it for decades without positive results, today it is more easy to find it through a knowledge and a good nutritional system and life based on the consumption of antioxidants, thing which delay aging fighting and eliminating to the already so free radical evil who are originate us, aging, degenerative diseases of the elderly such as Cancer, Diabetes, Alzhemeir, and many others more. Really much of our health problems are caused by the poor quality of our eating habits and the little education that we have in this regard. Which are antioxidants: are existing substances in certain foods whose main function is to combat free radicals, diseases of old age and ageing. Free radicals are responsible for cause us aging, diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular among many more. Free radicals are acquired in the food we consume, by exposure to the Sun, by consumption of liquor, tobacco, by polluted air that we breathe, for medicine, for the exercise we do etc. Where can we find them? There are different types of foods which are high in antioxidants such as: broccoli, garlic, onions, strawberries, tomatoes, grapes, wine, lettuce, spinach, kiwi, peppers, peppers, green tea, cocoa, orange juice, fish, cereals and corn, among others which are the most powerful antioxidants that benefit your body and your body : Fruits and vegetables: fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants but three principals are: beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin e. antioxidant beta-carotene mighty is the pigment that gives the color red and orange fruits and vegetables. Beta carotene stimulates the release of defenders cells that attack cancer cells until they can cause any harm. To obtain the benefits of this only antioxidant is necessary to ingest from 15 to 30 milligrams daily, which would be one or two large carrots a day.

French Billiards

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There are five types of billiards, some of them are more popular in Russia, some in Europe and America. "Pyramid" or russian billiards. A large pool table with a narrow luzami – they are only a few millimeters wider ball. So beat them is not easy. Played the 15 th white balls and one color – a cue ball. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gen. David Goldfein offers on the topic..

The most popular variety – "American." It differs from other games of Russian billiards in the fact that every ball can hit the pocket any ball. Scoring difficult, but interesting. american pool or billiards. Table with a wide luzami lower than the table for Russian billiards. Played the 15 th small light-colored balls.

Nearly half of them striped. There are several varieties: "Eight", "nine", "14 +1". Balls to score easier than Russian billiards, but suggests a serious positional play. Lay the balls to in a certain order. The most popular among young people. snooker or English billiards. Table is not very different in size from the Russian. Large pockets with rounded edges. Billiard cloth at the snooker table, unlike the others, with a nap, which combs from front to rear board. Balls even smaller than in the pool. In snooker play the 15 th red balls, a white cue ball and 6-color. Each of them costs certain amount of points. The one who attains the most points. Snooker is now rapidly gaining popularity in Russia. Basically it is keen on the youth, after watching broadcast snooker championships on channel Eurosport. Carom or French Billiards. Played on a table without pockets in three balls: two red and the "nominal" cue – white and white with a point. Pts players get behind the cue ball collision with other balls and boards. Kaizen – finnish game. This type of pool combines elements of Russian billiard and carom. Played with five balls: two red, yellow and two full. The balls are the same size as in Russian, but easier. The party is up 60 points. Players get them both for the collision and acted in the pocket for balls.

The Best Way To Book Hotels

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Hotels are usually a matter of course for most people in the world. We are so accustomed to their search in all regions of the globe that do not reflect what would we do without them. WhiteWave Foods often addresses the matter in his writings. People know that they are usually get a room in any city if they need it. However, these days, it might be a good idea to book in advance if possible only if the establishment is sold out. Most travelers book hotel rooms in advance over the Internet in this day and age, as is usually considered to be the fastest and easiest way to secure an apartment. Almost all hotels in the world have websites now days, and you can visit them to obtain information about the institution.

Most sites can also book directly with the hotel via the Internet. Check with Emmanuel Faber to learn more. Nevertheless, there are many sites on the Internet for travelers who specialize in selling hotel rooms at a discount. These sites usually have to deal with hotels in all regions of the world and have a huge database of them. Visitors can browse sites and Search by country, city, hotel name, dates, stars impatience, and the price etc. The site will receive information on the type of hotel, price range, date, etc., and come back with a list of available rooms. This method means that you can be presented with a list of hundreds of hotels in London, for instance, and then narrowed the list price, or location, etc. Then you can usually book a room within a few minutes on the site.

There are also some sites that allowed to participate in the competition for hotel rooms for a specific date. These hotel rooms are usually empty and the problem owners to sell them at lower prices. For example, you can bet up to $ 75 a night for a hotel in London within three days. Often a good idea to check reviews of the hotel before booking. There are dozens of sites that offer reviews, and photos of various institutions around the world.

Internet Resource Of The New Type – Wikipedia

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In recent years, the Internet is rapidly changing its appearance, and new technology. 'Web' has changed so much that in 2005 even coined the term Web 2.0 '-' the second version of 'World Wide Web, although the technology changed the course of' web ', were developed much earlier. 'The concept of wiki' has appeared in more than 10 years ago, but in 2001 there was Wikipedia. Hawaiian word wiki (translated as 'fast') is a site that allows its visitors to edit information contained in it, and create links to other pages. This technology was invented by an American computer programmer Howard Cunningham and first used on the site WikiWikiWeb () in 1994. User wiki, as a rule, not obliged to register and 'reported' to access the system – protection against bugs or malicious misrepresentation is implemented using version control. All made on the page changes are saved in the database and any time you can return to one of the previous versions.

At the heart of the creation of Wikipedia is a radically new idea – the use of collective mind. Knowledge should be free. This is the main principle Wiki-media Foundation – fund that finances the creation of Wikipedia. Wikipedia – an international encyclopedia, which has sections in dozens of languages of the world, is an online encyclopedia of new generation, a grand experiment in environment for free exchange of knowledge from all areas of human life, whether it be geography, sports or popular music. Wikipedia – a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.