Month: April 2015

Kerch Strait

Published / by Syd

Anapa Anapa and the Black Sea – one of the warm-weather resorts on the northern Black Sea. This city has always been associated with a joyful children's laughter and warm sunlight. First of all, the famous tourist city of Anapa crystal clear water, Kotra and beckons. Waters of the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar region caress from the Cape Tuzla and ending with the river Peou, which borders with Abkhazia. Black Sea merges with the Sea of Azov through the Kerch Strait, and through the Strait of Bosporan – the Marmara. The shape of the sea something like an oval with the axis of maximum 1,150 km.

(Twice the road from Moscow to Saint – Petersburg). The maximum length of the sea from north to south is equal to 580 km. And the minimum – 265 km. The surface area is equal to 412 thousand square kilometers. Maximum depth – 2210 meters. The level of salinity in the upper reaches 18% and lower – 22%.

Sea fauna is concentrated in the upper layers to a depth of 150 – 200 meters. Deeper life is impossible because of saturation with hydrogen sulfide. The waters can be found over a thousand species of marine life, some of the biggest – it's dolphins. In the sea of about 170 species, 40 of which are used in food Industry (sturgeon, salmon, herring, mackerel, sturgeon, beluga, anchovy, etc.). Very unusual and beautiful flora. On the shelf you can find many different algae and silt in the coastal waters rising sea grass.