Month: March 2012


Published / by Syd

Homebody rush in long journeys, and even those who are afraid to fly, will be on the plane and will be successfully overcome their doubts and fears. But all the planets in May will help the first signs of Fire – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, and also to those who have a horoscope in varying degrees, expressed by the symbol of Fire. But even they may have difficulties and problems if they show qualities such as unprincipled, cruel to the competitors, ruthlessness, the desire to fight, threaten, and to behave rudely, are rude. These individuals will be severely punished, their actions will be made public, and much spoil their reputation. Consequently, in May, a favorable exercise of fire Quality – lust for power, the desire for expansion, the desire to make a career, to become successful and famous. But you can not pass certain limits and go for the sake of his goal to take extreme measures.

In this case there would be no need to – features themselves will come to you to hand. For signs of water in May could be a very interesting month of travel, discovery of something entirely new. Fish, crabs and scorpions will be able to skillfully adapt to new circumstances and it is easy to build relationships with new acquaintances. We advise you to travel much, to communicate, build relationships. These signs can, in May to do a lot of cases and resolve many problems. Most difficult to have May air sign – Libra, Aquarius and Gemini.

Registry Tweaks

Published / by Syd

Navigating in the editor. The Registry Editor is divided into two windows. In the left window shows the structure of the registry keys (conductor), the right side – the registry settings contained in the section you are viewing. If left in the editor window highlight a specific section (click on it with the mouse), in the right window will display a list of options that it contains. To change the value by double-clicking on it with the left mouse button.

This opens a window of the parameter. In it, the ‘meaning’ to make the necessary changes and click ‘OK’. Creating a new parameter. First, in the left pane editor (Explorer) to go through the section in which you want a parameter, and select it.

Then in the right pane right-click an empty space (not on the parameters that are there) and from the menu ‘create’, select the appropriate form produced by the parameter. In the will have a new option. Click on the right mouse button, select ‘Rename’, give him the right name. Then specified in the preceding paragraph means asking him the value. 5. To remove the need click the right mouse button and choose delete. II. Registry tweaks: Registry Tweaks (born tweaks – Configuration) – a set of software and operating system stored in the registry. Registry tweaks carried out by REG-files – files that are executed automatically make the necessary changes to the registry. The result is the same as when manually editing the registry via the editor. The necessary files can be REG- create yourself or use ready-made, created by other users. In this case, REG-file can modify a registry entry as well as their entire team (all depends on what is in it to register). In fact, REG-file – it is the plain text file with the reg. That all became clear, open a text editor ‘Notepad’ (go ‘pusk’-‘ programmy’-‘-standartnye” notebook ‘) and in any place save the blank file with the extension in reg. This means that in Notepad should go to the menu ‘file’, select ‘save as’ in the ‘filename’ specified .reg and click ‘save’. The file name can be any name was taken as examples only. The main thing is that the expansion was necessary and a reg point of the name (no spaces). Now, if you make a mouse double click on the saved file, the computer ‘asks’ whether you want to add the information from him on the roster. Even if we press the ‘yes’ to any data in register will not be added because our REG-file does not yet contain any information. To file did work, before saving it to make certain data.