Year Three

One useful tip from personal experience: go directly to the 5-7-single food, if you're used to eating 2-3 times a day, very hard. No need to replace the number of meals huge size servings. To a new lifestyle accustom themselves gradually, in stages: in the first week eat three times a day, second – add one more meal. Possible, while respecting the principle of gradualism you will be more convenient to add one meal every week and every two to three. Our task – to make the transition to the body as possible smoother and thus more quickly adapt it to new conditions. Otherwise, apart from stress, our body will get nothing, and no positive results from it we can not wait.

By its nature, temperament and emotion I'm used only to achieve fast and quick results is to wait was unreal. Head, then I realized that for the three months I did not decide their own problems – and for the year probably will not decide – but I wanted to achieve a result quickly. That is why in the early stages of their struggle I made many mistakes. And chief among them was the fact that I'm trying to quickly produce tangible results, and did not have time to recover. Unpleasant hardgeynerov feature – a tendency of an organism to over-training – requires a special regime of training. Increased time training approaches, the number of exercises will not bring any real results, but only exhaust and undermine our efforts.