Witness More

I liveed in small cities and a great metropolis, and during a time in a mission aborgine in the interior of Australia.I have good souvenirs of that time that I passed with my cousins and uncles fishing, hunting, making bumerangues and other things in wood. My father was boxer and started to teach to me to fight when I well young age. The violence started to be part of my life. In the adolescence, it drank very in bars. I and my friends liked to look fight.

We used knives and batons of baseball to attack groups of up to 20 people or more. It gained money vendendo drugs and products stolen for people who worked in the port. Also it made collections for dealers of drugs and threatened the debtors, using metal rings and guns. It wanted to become me an assassin. My motto was: to kill or to die.

AS THE BIBLE CHANGED MY LIFE: When I age child, heard to speak of the Witnesses of Jehovah. To the 20 and few years, I remember to ask to my mother if it wise person where I could find them. Two days later, Dixon, that is Witness of Jehovah, beat in my door. After one soon colloquy, invited me to it to go to one of its Christian meetings. I was to that meeting and never more I stopped to attend they, this already for more than 20 years. All question that I made, the Witnesses of Jehovah answered using the Bible. I was happy to learn that Jehovah if interests for the people, even though for the mpios. (2 Peter 3:9) I discovered that it is a loving Father who would take care of of me, exactly that nobody more took care of.