The consequences of the light in wet leves enhanced the coolness of the new day. I could feel a pleasure in being able to see as much beauty, some tones of greens, the blue one clearly of the sky, the white and golden, the almost pink one, of clouds. We take a new route, after arriving at the conclusion that the first way was not the correct one. We leave of the place where we had waited the rising of the light and followed with us the joy expressed in the laughs, tricks of the fellow travellers. Of the window of the bus casebres could admire the inhabitants in its. Children with swelled eyes ran bare-footed with its stonewashed vestments. Here or acol, the smoke of the firewood stoves insinuated that a thick coffee was being prepared as first meal of the day. Hens, pitinhos and ducks ciscavam in the places of fetichism where the land was esbranquiada, it dries, without green.

Those livings creature looked at them with one singular doura, whereas the animals had been scared with our ticket. The trip continued and the joy, also. We pass for some towns, roas of cassava and maize until arriving at a place where the bus stopped. The maiorias of the men had gone down, to some had followed them women. Alive! We arrive the Taboca had cried out some people.

However, it was not truth, what it was happening is that the driver if denied to continue the trip, alleged that the way was areal and that its transport would not have conditions to pass through. Xingamentos had been verbalizados e, quickly, a tumult if it formed. I remained motionless, seated, observing uncurling of the events. The driver disappeared and after some minutes she returned decreeing that we would have that to pass to another bus that was to the wait of the hikers after a bridge, if thus, we desired to continue with the stroll.