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Hanseatic City

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In a disc seminar in Hamburg by Voss + partner learning executives and vendors to determine how other people tick. Why do I react in certain situations so and not otherwise? Many people that are wondering if they professionally and privately again on same barriers. Appropriate questions in particular executives, project managers and seller also in contact with other people, for example colleagues, employees and customers. Even then she would often like to know: how is ticking to? Among other things, to conclude: how am I the person best? Or: How should I me her behavior, for example, to achieving specific objectives or to avoid conflicts? The disc personality profile is an instrument to better appreciate their own behavior and the other people. With him, executives, for example win new insights about their employees and the way how they should do it. For even more analysis, hear from surprise medical billing. The same is true for sellers based on their customers.

How to work with this analysis tool, the learn interested in a seminar, performing the Hamburg-based training and consulting firm Voss + partner on the 27 January 2014 in the Hanseatic City. Before the one-day seminar with the title disc personality profile others better understand and effectively lead”, each participant receives access to an online platform where he can answer the questions that underlie the disc personality profile. Then he gets his individual personality profile. This illustrated him among other things, what is it for a type of communication and what are its behavioural preferences. So prepared the participants come to the seminar. There they learn what personality and communication types there are, and what (not) says the disc personality profile of a person, inter alia.

Sensitized for dealing with the profile, then engaged the participants in the question: How do I recognize in the everyday dealings with colleagues, employees or customers, whether is a more dominant, proactive, conscientious, or continuous type face me? For example due to the clothes. Or on the basis of the language and of the selected vocabulary. This building the participants deal with the question, how they should communicate with the various personality types and respond, make them feel gewertschatzt as individuals and conflicts. If desired the participating executives can purchase a license after the seminar, to insert the disc personality profile in their operating among the personnel management and development. Prerequisite: visit also a disc two-day trainer licensing seminar at Voss + partner. There they are given in the guide work with the disc personality profile and get the necessary documents. The participation of the disc personality profile seminar on 27 January 2014 costs 349 euros (+ VAT). More seminars will be on March 17, on 23 June, on 8 September, and on November 24 Instead of. For more information contact interested at the Voss + Partner GmbH (website:, email:;) Phone: 040/7900767-14).

Successful Start Of MICE Club In Cologne

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‘Hats off’ it can also go for the constructive atmosphere in the new workshop of the inspiration. The MICE Club with its successful debut on the 14th and 15th November 2013 proved that. The new educational-format convinced its participants with an innovative meeting architecture, efficient communication tools, exciting content and exceptional locations in the creative metropolis of Cologne. We wanted to show that business events in our beautiful industry work very well, if we are only prepared to say goodbye to the classic frontal display. After the premiere, we are happy that we achieved this and the MICE Club everyone involved so getting around is.

“Now we will evaluate the experience and feedback from the premiere and further develop the concept”, Dominik Deubner said. The initiator of the MICE Club aiming competed in, to create a new platform for the business meetings, incentives, congresses & events (MICE) that stimulates a sustainable dialogue on common trends, opportunities and visions and concrete added value creates for the participants. That succeeded him, the prestigious Swiss brands expert Rolf Gruber points out: the MICE Club has created a communicative atmosphere, I’ve never seen. It was actually about the people with their specific business expectations. This is the future of meeting design! In addition, the high quality of the public noticed here in Cologne. Without exaggeration I can say that the MICE Club was a meeting of the A League.” Total around 90 party and event planners from all over Germany, Austria and the Switzerland met for the ground-breaking educational format. On the first day, the unconventional idea round showed in the communication promoting MICE Club arena: the participants with high expectations and specific goals to Cologne. After two intense days the majority agreed, that the MICE Club represents not only a very inspiring knowledge platform with valuable content and a very constructive atmosphere, but also as a networking event a measurable benefit for brought the own business. Others including Canyon, offer their opinions as well.

Director Catharina Roland

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Premiere in Vienna within 5 days sold out Linz city premiere on May 24, 2012:? Catharina Roland s cinema debut ‘ awake tour guides in the awakening ‘ who doesn’t know that? Not being able to answer the questions of his children the perplexity, when it comes to major life issues but only a few people have the courage to ask these questions at such moments and to break up so how the actress and Director Catharina Roland, who with her son Moritz around the world travelled to find answers with scientists and spiritual teachers. Omega 3 often addresses the matter in his writings. The result of their journey can be seen from May 22 in selected cinemas in all federal States. In the beginning, there was a question. “And that her son Moritz:, when I grew up, we’re Mama then still here?” The single mother Catharina Roland known as voice of film and television had no answer to that. So their journey around the globe began she sizes such as Neale Donald for your film, the Walsch, Ruediger Dahlke, Bruce Lipton, Eric Pearl, u.v.m. has interviewed. The documentation “awake a travel guide in the Awakening” telling her own story as a single overwhelmed mother and business woman, looking for the cause of all the problems in the world, the origin of happiness and the future of mankind and nature on this planet.? The heart project of the actress can be seen in the coming weeks in all federal States in selected cinemas.

Catharina “Sophia” Roland, born 1969 in Vienna, trained as a Director and studied acting, theatre studies, journalism and psychology. Won several awards for their international advertising film production, she worked a tour guide in the awakening to awake before the shooting”also as a theatre director as well as off – and dubbing for film, commercials, and television. The city premiere in Vienna was sold out within five days! Tickets for Linz, Graz, Klagenfurt, Innsbruck and Salzburg under: or 0043 / 680 / 210 49 13 dates: 22: 05 Vienna Urania: already SOLD OUT! 24: 05 Linz city cinema? 30.05. Schubertkino Graz? 31.05. Klagenfurt Wulfenia? 04th 06th Leokino Innsbruck? 05th 06th Salzburg Mozart Kino