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GIP Country

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This mood mainly reflects a change of global perception towards the country, that has been fast and welcome. But as the country recovers of a global economic crisis Brazil has been the first Latin American country in scoring a the recovery, that began in the second trimester of this year, what could other markets learn of this extraordinary recovery? Brazil already has experienced before bumps in its global reputation. During the presidential campaign of 2002 the debt went off and the currency was devaluated when the investors began to doubt that Luis Incio Lula da Silva, one of the candidates with majors possibilities, would have the intention to fulfill the obligations of debt of the country. Sonny Perdue takes a slightly different approach. BostonHerald.com%29’>Enrique Pena Nieto. It was a lightening when, after gaining the elections, was evident that generally it consolidated general the political direction of the previous administration, something that it facilitated and in certain way it fomented a growth that was not seen from years 60. Considrese remembers to us, that trajectory of the growth was interrupted by the scaling of the global credit crisis of a year ago. The rarefaction wave of the economic crisis was the detonating of diverse falls in the stock-exchange index Bovespa of Brazil, that happened of 73.000 in spring from 2008 to less than 30,000 in the autumn of that same year.

Also, in December the quote of its currency was 2.55 real ones by dollar; a few months before it quoted to 1.55 real ones by dollar. The adjustment of global inventory, the credit crisis and the fall of the confidence of the consumers united their forces to bring about a reduction of the anualizado GIP of 13% in the fourth trimester. After the answer of the international people in charge of economic policy who removed to the global economy from the edge of the abyss, adopted monetary the fiscal policies and in Brazil they allowed that the country restored its balance in first half of this year.

Joseph Meister

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Nevertheless, the time that takes in being developed this stage is quite long and depends on many factors. The virus begins to happen from neurons to others through the sinpticos contacts, which causes that the immune system is incapable to detect them. From the brain it can travel, through the nerves, to any part of the body, causing a systemic infection Definitively, as the man mentions geosalud.com/enfermedades_infecciosas/rabia receives the virus of the rage through counted with the saliva of the ill animal. This means, that to be inoculated, it necessarily does not need to be bitten: it is enough that a edge, wound, deep scratch or burn in their skin make contact with enemy with the saliva of the rabid animal. But it does not matter which the penetration form: the virus always goes to the central nervous system.

The time of inoculation varies with the nature of the virus, the place of inoculation and the inoculated amount. – If the meeting point has been the head, the neck or the members superiors, the period of incubation will be brief, because the virus will reach the favorite region with greater rapidity (it arrives mainly at the central nervous system through the nervous trunks, propagating throughout the sensorial nerves). The cells welcome that it are destroyed. From the virus it emigrates there towards weaves, but mainly towards the salivary glands, of where it is excreted together with the saliva. The period of incubation is very variable. If the bite of the rabid animal were carried out through the clothes of the victim, only one small amount of contaminated saliva will arrive until the wound, and this can slow down the process of the affection.

It is possible to indicate that in 1881, Roux, Chamberland and Thuillier, members of the equipment of Louis Pasteur, they demonstrated that the central nervous system is the primary site of reproduction of the virus of the rage. These investigators transmitted the rage by means of the submenngea inoculation of rabbits. Pasteur administered to the vaccine for the first time the 6 of July of 1885 to the young person Joseph Meister, who had been bitten 14 times by a dog 60 hours before.

The Community

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It means: ” well come to this place where it will know the manifestations cultural the Uitoto” ethnic group;: This community, descendant of the natives who suffered the abuses of the rubber bonanza in 1930, is one of the pioneers of the etnoturismo in Colombia. In 2000, the armed conflict forced to that many of them moved from the Amazon and they would be located in Villavicencio. One of them, Santiago Clodualdo Kuetgaje, was used one’s wits in October of 2005 the etnoturstico Center Maguar. Since then 17,758 adults, students of primary, baccalaureate and of universities of the country have visited the etnoturstico center, besides 175 foreigners. Maguar was the millenarian mass media that the Uitotos used to present the new features in their tribe.

” Maguor is a dream that was born in the memory of our ancestors, to assure the conservation the culture, the environment and to guarantee the economy of the families emprendedoras” , Kuetgaje said. Located to 5 kilometers of Villavicencio and 86 of Bogota, in the path the Potaya, this etnoturstico center he allows that their visitors interact with the customs of an ethnic group who has 6,700 native ones distributed in the south of the country. There, the natives narrate their myths, dance, they share his gastronomy and they exhibit the native clothes and tools. At night, after a ritual of spiritual fortification, the tourists can stay themselves in the Maloca, an ancestral communitarian house constructed by the natives with capacity to shelter 50 people. In the case of Maguar, etno and eco-tourism are integrated in an ecological route in which indigenous guides expose some of the knowledge on the nature inherited of their ancestors. But for that they want to know the cosmovisin Uitoto thorough the plan Green Vein, Vein Life, allows them to go into forest inside. From the Spout, Amazon, the tourists travel in boat to the indigenous Community Santa Rosa, interact with the nocturnal fauna, know the indigenous stone roads, rituals and exotic landscapes. According to Santiago Kuetgaje, the etnoturstico Center Maguar, besides to promote self-support for 28 families uitotas, tries ” to rescue, to fortify and to preserve the culture and traditions of the indigenous population like wealth of the cultural patrimony colombiano”. Taken from the Magazine No.