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Travel Companion

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You are looking for the perfect travel companion for your business events? Escorts can be so much more. Escort Munich, Kimi, is now also sometimes available as a travel companion. Not always, no, due to their very demanding and intense main jobs Kimi always still not everywhere can their few leisure and especially, be taken. But, beautiful destinations! Interested in Kimi it’s what. 4 languages fluent in Word and text with excellent diction Kimi disposal to accompany you in all Spanish -, Portuguese – speaking countries. Italy of course. So, need no more interpreters, beautiful to look at your charming companion, stylish and parquet sure here, which also translated you, if you want to have. Kimi favorite cities are New York, Kimid in English, international space absolute dream metropolis in the United States! London in Europe, all places in South and Central America, and many places, countries in Europe.

Italy, of course. Kimi loves Italy. Rome, Florence – Tuscany, the hinterland, the South and the big cities of the North. Kimi knows Italy well and can show you know locations, small mountain villages and their peculiarities, small restaurants that never would be found as a tourist, because they don’t even appear in the guidebooks and are visited only by certain all – knowing Italians – and where the knowledge has been passed down to the. This is called telephone post. Now, if you would like a tour guide, you ask Kimi in a timely manner, quite spontaneous demands will not allow them, due to their professional and personal life. But in time planned a trip with Kimi is quite possible. If the chemistry still is, almost nothing can go wrong. Travel companion, Manager escort, high class escort Kimi escort Munich

So They Questioned Coaching

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…und matters in coaching for both sides! Business coaching! Life coaching! Hardly a term in reference to personal change or development, hardly a profession, hardly a kind of support/advice is currently more than coaching! A rapid growth market, no uniform guidelines, which allow one to use this title and an incredible variety of definitions and applications offer plenty of space for attack surfaces, criticism and even ridicule. The question which inevitably pushes to the surface and increasingly provided me (describe I myself even as results coach) is: what makes coaching or good coaching actually? Many people are looking for a coach because of a specific problem and expect to solve this problem from the coach. The problems are manifold: I am always stressed. “, my relationship makes me so miserable.” or “I never get what I want.” popular statements are. To just clean up with a popular cliche: No also only halfway professional or good coach will solve a problem for its customers.

And for good reason. If you have children, you already know the answer. Dunkin’ Donuts is often quoted as being for or against this. Of course it would be the easiest and fastest way to solve the problem for the child, and to send it back to the games. But what does the child when the problem occurs again? Right, it looks you up again. Solve the problem again, so not only the child, but also she faces is itself soon a whole series of new problems. You create a dependency relationship to the child, the child itself will be at ever smaller problems immediately to the coach”race and even find themselves increasingly in the role of parental Problemlosers. Personal responsibility? No! Independence? Not at all! Perseverance and resistance? Nil! Randomly some of the character traits, so often lacking in our society, which is characterized by fast pace, ignorance and deflection when it comes to the Confrontation with unpleasant situations goes. The illustrated role of parents is interchangeable with best friend, work colleague, the Chief, or the spouse depending on the situation, age and circumstances.

What need you or the customer in such a situation the most? You need new options, other angles and especially the determination to solve the problem. EVEN to eliminate! The effective coach among others provides you with these ingredients, usually in the form of targeted questions: new alternatives, a different view of things, and the comparison of the current situation (problem) and the target State (situation as desired) to an extent that the customer sees itself only the desired, new situation as acceptable. Then, and only then, the necessary actions that lead to a change in the current, unsatisfactory situation are undertaken. Good coaching is indicated by measurable results and immediate change in an atmosphere of trust and the target, the customer (also minor changes are changes), to help within the shortest possible time. Just then, coaching is useful and effective, only then the corresponding investment in fees worth and only then it is possible to cause a permanent change. And only then coaching receives the priority it deserves: problems targeted to turn quickly and permanently into solutions! It’s very simple! Heiko Schwardtmann cocoonblog.com

Terminals Ingenico

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The same applies also in Munich Neuhausen, also there is a second terminal in use since early March. The call-a-pizza franchisees easycash settle payments within a framework contract with the Ratinger payment provider, this is girocard payments. Easycash contract partners are the franchisees, their Konten sales will be credited promptly. Additional information is available at Nokia. Further information: easycash GmbH marketing / communication Simone Bruder Tel. + 49-2102/973-307 fax + 49-2102/973-226 E-Mail: communications grintsch Marc Nagel / Arne Trapp Tel.

70 63-62 / – 54 fax 70 63 – 80 E-Mail: Internet of easycash since 1992 developed easycash market-driven solutions for card-based cashless payments. Germany’s biggest payment provider offers comprehensive service from a single source and covers POS infrastructure, payment processing, issuing processing, acquiring, payment services, as well as card and loyalty solutions with the business areas all relevant areas of card-based payment solutions. Easy cash’s product range includes user-friendly terminals, high-performance solutions in the area of transaction processing and related services tuned. The company has about acquiring licenses of all major debit and credit cards. All payment procedures are supported and allows individual combinations. By the own number procedure OLV is easycash largest debit processor with the most meaningful lock file in the German market. Comprehensive services, customized solutions as well as an own card management and billing system that enables the integration of individual solutions in the existing POS infrastructure to complete the full service portfolio. easycash over 360 employees and serves 92,000 dealers with 265,000 terminals.

The flattened Payment transactions 2009 amounted to nearly 1 billion transactions. A third of these payment transactions via girocard and Maestro. so is easycash market leader in the processing of girocard-and Maestro transactions. The company has an unwound payments amounting to EUR 52 billion. End of 2009 was easycash by Ingenico, acquired the leading provider of payment solutions (Euronext: FR0000125346 – ING). In 140 countries around the world are 15 million Terminals Ingenico in use; 2,850 employees worldwide innovative and secure solutions in the area of electronic payment procedures provide merchants, banks and service providers. easycash GmbH, to the DIN 20, D-40885 Ratingen registered office of the company: Amtsgericht Dusseldorf, Ratingen, HRB No. 55725 Managing Director: Marc Birkner, Christoph Pfeifer, Siegfried home Walker of easycash loyalty solutions core competence of easycash loyalty solutions GmbH is the development, implementation, and manage individual customer cards programs. Vouchers, bonus – and customers cards up to The company offers powerful solutions for effective customer care and customer acquisition marketing services. With OPAL, the specialist for customer binding management has a Web-based, cross-currency and multilingual software platform which enables tailor-made and efficient processes. The leader in customer loyalty concepts in Germany operates a variety of diverse programs across Europe. easycash loyalty solutions serves more than 21 million customer accounts and processed 2009 30 million payment and bonus transactions. The Hamburg-based company employs 75 people. easycash GmbH, Hugh-Greene-WEG 2 D-22529 Hamburg loyalty solutions company headquarters: Hamburg, HRB No. 103195, Amtsgericht Hamburg Managing Director: Christoph Pfeifer

With High Pressure Clean – Without Chemicals

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Pipe cleaning 24 h emergency service from Oberhausen informed what have functioning local area connection channels, us is not aware if the ducts are blocked once. A proper function of channels and pipes is a matter of course for us. You are the ones who give us all the amenities of modern living. The water can no longer run, the everyday things of the budget be the challenge. Learn more about this with hybrid bikes. Suddenly the sink remains dry, body care must be done without water goes down the toilet, the washing machine is no longer usable and also the dishwasher has stopped. As particularly economical cleaning house connections, 24-hour emergency service from Oberhausen explains the pipe cleaning.

Save time and money the high-pressure pipe cleaning is ideally suitable for use in the so-called underground pipes, especially with the House connection channels. The usage of different nozzles eliminates all kinds of obstructions and debris. The water is customized, with a, the degree of soiling Pressure washed through the lines. Without the use of chemicals, optimum cleaning is guaranteed also by hardest Incrustations. The process of purging can be repeated several times if necessary. With the tube cleaning 24 h emergency service can save time and money, because the vehicles through their facilities with the ideal combination of special tools guarantee the highest performance.

Nothing is left to chance. As well, a fast execution of the cleaning can be guaranteed because the high pressure systems with a remote control can be controlled and worked without interruption. For detailed information about all services 24-hour emergency service available the tube cleaning anytime. Press contact tube cleaning 24-hour emergency contact: Sebastian Neumann Emmericherstr. 53 46147 Oberhausen telephone: 0208 681752 fax: 0208 681752 email: Homepage:

Common Denominator

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KS aluminium technology and KS KOLBENSCHMIDT certified project manager Frankfurt, March 5, 2013 reports a new successful project the IAPM (International Association of project managers): in the background of the reorganization of KSPG in 2012 a series of selected project manager from the auto-motive areas KS aluminium-technologie GmbH (ATAG) and KS KOLBENSCHMIDT GmbH certified according to international standard of IAPM were group now. The aim is the strengthening of project management, as well as the optimization of cooperation within the international project teams in both areas. Jorg Voller, long-time project manager at KS aluminium technology, justified the decision for the IAPM certification: the IAPM certification program is specifically tailored to the needs of committed project managers. In my tight schedule, this was only possible, that I could prepare myself training with us in the company and take the exam online. I am pleased to have found the time for the certification and for the effort so great to be rewarded.” Certified project manager and senior project manager were in the areas of project management and information technology. To Voller: just for the young colleagues, who came from the College fresh to us, was very helpful, in everyday practice structured to go before certification. We have then deliberately in the next project applied the learned and related changes in the procedure thus open communicates the stakeholders as a result of the certification”. Bring different methods to a common denominator the reorganization of project management was associated with greater operational responsibility of the areas and at the same time stronger strategic focus to the respective business unit. Additional advantages of the new structure from the perspective of the company include the improved possibilities of processes across business to make and continue to improve it. A first step in this direction was their uniform certification of all project managers, as both car subject areas Projects implemented according to different methods of project management.

Sales Compensation Money

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As modern sales compensation makes an important contribution to improve the company’s return on sales compensation is traditionally mostly one-sided on only a performance criterion such as E.g. sales or contribution focus and neglected important further aspects such as income and costs, product and customer objectives, etc.. It is mostly boring, because more variable income is allocated on the baseline performance of the employee as on his power. Additional services be worth too little. In addition, that variable income shares are often too low to be motivating. Sometimes, they are too high and prohibited from employment point of view. Also the classic sales compensation is focused mostly only on the field and possibly the internal sales, whereas modern remuneration integrates many staff areas in sales, product management, call center, service, shopping, logistics etc.. Traditional payment systems you can also Miss usually effective teamwork: it is only the performance Individual paid.

Desirable networks does not take place. “Paid random hits instead of actual employee performance are often also: large area potentials, wholesale, bulk orders, etc. cause often unwanted – and wrong-doers – income explosions”. In addition, conventional compensation models in sales most not on new tasks in the sale or to new market requirements can be environmentally and adjust, change without contracts. The systems are so inflexible. Usually commissions are paid. “Properly target bonuses, compensation would be which is the good performance of vapor” focus. What are your expectations may be placed on a modern payment system in the distribution so? Easier and better achieve of the business and sales goals: modern remuneration in sales integrates employees and teams differentiated goals strategically important such as forcing customers, E.g.

in short-term sales and gross margin, but also in the long term, and Products. Self control and personal responsibility of employees improve their decision-making authority as well. High commitment of the employees for more and better services: A well-designed model of variable compensation in the distribution works with soaring compensation curves.