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The Engine

Published / by Syd

So how do you ask, intelligence agencies can now monitor the negotiations citizens, because no fools they, in Indeed, to refuse such a wonderful opportunity? Yes, reply to the author, not stupid. And they are quite lazy neduraki and laziness, as you know, the engine of progress. Why is on the cross, to set there equipment, lights in front of the staff who can all blurt out? Maybe come up with something better? Possible. And if you can, why not come up, they are the same guys do not miss! And came up with: SORM and SORM-1-2. Abbreviation SORM means – system operational-search activities.

Activities on the networks of telephone, mobile and wireless communications. SORM-1 was organized in 1996, is designed to listen to telephone conversations, SORM-2 – is designed to logging of chat sessions: any communication, including the Internet. This system works since 2000. What is the meaning of Lawful? The fact that any provider must provide a switching node junction with SORM, SORM systems themselves are in the FSB. Now, to listen to the conversation, state security officers generally will not need to go: it is enough to give the command duty officer SORM, he presses a few buttons on your computer and everything: conversations are recorded. With regard to total interception and recording of all conversations – the author of this information does not possess, and the very idea of total control yet technically unrealizable – too much information is necessary in this approach record. But the bodies being worked on.