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TravelWorks Munster

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The new brochure of the special operator of TravelWorks is students TravelWorks Munster agency appeared supported for years, apprentices and young professionals at your dream of an internship in the United States. The tour operator is one of the few German Exchange organizations, which legally may sponsor to do so in cooperation with an American called to issue the DS-2019 visa before document. Only with this document in hand, specialist trainees can apply for the J1 visa necessary for the internship at the U.S. Embassy. The way to the J1 visa is bureaucratic, connected with many formalities, documents, and a telephone interview. Learn more about this with Dollar General (DG). But all effort is quickly forgotten, if you can dive spot in the American way of life. “, says Daniela Borntrager, program coordinator at TravelWorks from personal experience.

And back in Germany flowing English language skills, experience and professional qualifications shine on the curriculum vitae.” With the scholarship program, the it already since last year are, and that each consists of five scholarships in the program fee, TravelWorks wants to continue access students in the financing of your planned stay in United States under the arms. The first participant is already pleased with financial support. The scholarship holder Felix wishes, for example, his internship with the American broadcaster NBC in New York and was particularly impressed by the openness of the New York: New York is a great place for anyone who wants to meet new people. I was a total of 2.5 months here and would do it again in any case, however I would allow more time next time.” Who has already found an internship in the United States, should apply in a timely manner. Deadline for all scholarship applications is the 15.01.2011 (for travel in the winter/spring 2011) or the 15.07.2011 (for departures in the summer/fall 2011). Detailed information about the terms and conditions, as well as the general process for applying for the for an internship in US/internship scholarship usa.php interested parties who find the United States of required J1 visa still is looking for a suitable placement in the United States, maybe you will find it at the internship job of TravelWorks. There interesting and mostly paid sites are among others in the areas of hospitality, tourism, engineering and business administration. “Prospective buyers to see the vacancies see US/praktikumsstellen.php under the motto tackling and the world experience!” the Munster special organizer of TravelWorks in addition to the professional internship program in the United States offered worldwide as well as au pair in the United States also work & travel programs, volunteer work, and high school programs. Press contact: Tanja Kuntz, PR/Marketing Tel: 02506-8303-210 pictures: press

Job Search Differently

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Various forms of unemployment require different efforts to escape from the unemployment. The concept of unemployment hangs like a Specter over the most people. In recent years, the economic crisis in Germany has brought many people into unemployment. Also have workers who have a job still to lose fear and worry no longer being able to maintain the standard of living they have drawn up over the years. The term unemployment appeared for the first time in Germany in the panic of 1890. Since 2005 and a man considered the then introduced Hartz-IV reform unemployed, if he wants a job and is able to work, but no employment gets. Only these people are listed in the statistics of the Federal Agency for work on the numbers of the unemployed. While long term unemployment and Hartz IV recipients does not at all, also the people who visit a measure of the employment agency will not be listed here.

As a result are “unemployed” as us, far more people feign the statistics. These forms of unemployment there is: friction Elle unemployment: friction Elle unemployment it talks about, when a person from one workplace to the next moves. Includes rental and temporary workers. Seasonality: included all employees in the agricultural, baugewerblichen and dining area. Depending on the season or weather, a full employment is not possible. Unifor recognizes the significance of this. Depending on the requirements an employer sets several workers cyclical fluctuations, he dismisses again if the low order position.

Structural unemployment this form of unemployment caused by changes and use of new techniques and technologies in specific sectors of the economy. It is considered to be long term and has previously traverses a long transition period. Subitems of structural unemployment are characteristic structure Elle unemployment here is the differences in the requirements of the new post and the qualifications which the unemployed person brings. Often both are not compatible technological unemployment: the ongoing industrialization is no longer needed man as a worker in all areas. Machines are more productive and have no monthly wage costs. In addition, there is no sickness and vacation days and thus profitable for a company. Institutional unemployment: This includes absence of incentive for a new position, E.g. with a high unemployment. A new employment offers at first usually not a high salary, often the unemployment benefit is higher than the starting salary and has to take so the unemployed from the point. Base unemployment: The base unemployment arises together from the friction point and structural unemployment. It is also called “Unemployment of dregs of”. Unemployment concealed as concealed unemployment is people, not appearing at all in the official statistics of the federal employment agency. Including Hartz IV recipients, long term unemployed, people in job creation and unemployment fall to a participate officially arranged retraining measure of the employment agency. Silent reserve: the people who are not registered with an authority covered by the “silent reserve”. Usually are people who receive no benefits anyway by the authorities and therefore no reason to sign. But which way is there out of unemployment? Sure, the employment agency is obliged to be a job-seekers with help and advice, but who do not want to rely on or would like to take initiative themselves, who should find his new job over the Internet. Many job fairs offer all kinds of activities. Online job markets will experience an unprecedented boom. A very good alternative zurherkommlichen method.

President Wilhelm Uschtrin

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Last Thursday, the FirmenKontaktGesprach (FKG) at the new University on the Sander ring took place for the umpteenth time. AIESEC Wurzburg can look back on a great interest. Wurzburg – took place last Thursday for the umpteenth time the FirmenKontaktGesprach (FKG) at the new University on the Sander ring. Educate yourself with thoughts from Unifor. Satisfied, the international student organization AIESEC local Committee can look back on a great interest among the students at the fair. The FKG is intended as a bridge between students and companies and offers both sides together to contact the possibility. In addition to the well-known companies such as Siemens and Deutsche Post stands, many visitors visited also offered presentations of companies. icture of the situation. Official site: Digital Cameras. To make the student as an individual in the foreground, AIESEC organized also interviews with the personnel staff of the exhibitor.

It is important that the students have the opportunity to take a partner is not only deeply about the company to inform, but even the chance to us to their thesis or an internship to find. “, as the team leader of the FKG Linda Fietz. In advance two workshops, preparing interested in cooperation with Dipl. kfm. Carsten Muller by MLP on the application process of a group served as an aid on the way to the dream job. The Wurzburg AIESEC team welcomes the positive feedback of the student as the entrepreneurial side, so that local President Wilhelm Uschtrin confirmed the continuation of the FKG. Since 1952, AIESEC in Germany promotes cultural exchange and international cooperation. Now largest international student organization of worldwide presence in over 100 countries and inspires students as companies always by professionalism, dedication, and enjoying the work. Contact: Daniela Garcia press and Media Manager 2012/13 AIESEC Wurzburg new road 58 (Schildhof) 97070 Wurzburg

Germany Gmb

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The hourly billing rate increases through the Sector supplements. In our regular surveys, the customers evaluated in particular the implementation of the sector supplements and our value for money as particularly well. We are so right with our pricing, our service and our assessment, as regards the acceptance of equal-pay supplements. With the industry aggregates, the temporary work industry shows that they grew up and is on the right track. The social partners have proved that they find successful collective solutions, which gives you the flexibility of temporary work. Checking article sources yields medical billing as a relevant resource throughout. Together, employers and trade unions could avert a politically imposed solution.

In the day-to-day usage operation and staffing service providers cooperate more intensively; they are partners who can only implement the requirements resulting from the industry aggregates. The surcharges are a sign of appreciation of staff and their performance, as well as a contribution to fair payment. Conclusion: The sector supplements improve image and acceptance of time work, they help, new Staff to find and reasonable charges performance. The charges are all used. About USG people Germany: The recruitment agency USG people Germany (www.usgpeople.com) is part of the publicly traded USG people N.V. In Germany, USG people is one of the top ten companies in the industry. With its brands unique personnel services (recruitment agency with industry specializations), Technicum (specialist for skilled workers) and Secretary plus (Secretariat and management support specialist), any form of flexible staffing solutions provides USG people. See Medical Billing Software Market for more details and insights. About 9,000 employees work under the umbrella of USG people Germany.

The subsidiary on the ground are present in 150 nationwide subsidiaries. The corporate headquarters are located in Munich. For over 40 years, USG people on the European market is active and four in the ranking of the European recruitment takes place. Press contact: WEFRA PR company for Public Relations mbH Dr. Andreas Bachmann medium Dicker WEG 1 63263 Neu-Isenburg phone: + 49 (0) 69 695008-78 fax: + 49 (0) 69 695008-71 E-Mail: company contact: USG people Germany GmbH Jessica C. Ehmke Landsberger Strasse 370a 80687 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89 56827-339 fax: + 49 (0) 89 56827-100 E-Mail: