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That bring? Sri lanka is a tropical country, so we recommend that you carry clothing of cotton and fresh pants but seeks to avoid shorts since some temples in May that they won’t let you. To walk, a good pair of boots or walking shoes they are essential and some sandals you will be very practical since the temples you must enter barefoot. Vaccines: There is no compulsory vaccinations for travel to Sri Lanka although we recommend that you you updated your vaccination schedule for typhus, tetanus, cholera and hepatitis. Yellow fever vaccine, could also be necessary especially if you have visited an area with incidence of this disease in the two weeks prior to your trip. Trivia:-there are a good number of premises with posters of Hotel in Sri Lanka and that are actually only restaurants. -The premises, both Sinhalese and Tamil, contonean head in such a way that it seems that they say no when they are actually saying yes. (As opposed to snoring mouthpiece). Places that do not You should certainly visit: there are many tourist proposals for trips to Sri Lanka, but few of them offer know exotic corners where the traditional tourist does not come.

If you are looking for the mix of exotic, culture and nature to choose this destination we recommend taking packages that propose agencies specialists in organizing travel and adventure, who for example will offer excursions with safaris in the two major national parks: Minneriya: A treasure of lagoons and grassland where herds of wild elephants move in search of pasture under the watchful eye of the large colonies of birds. National Park of Yala where you can see wild elephants, deer, eagles, crocodiles, herons and leopards. The city of Anuradhapura, founded by King Pandukabhaya, was the first capital of the country and settlement from the Government for centuries. It is symbol of the golden age of Sri Lanka. Considered one of the most beautiful cities of the world Kandy offers a rich collection of temples, mansions, rituals and traditional handicrafts. It is the cultural capital of Sri lanka. The Valley of Kandy, surrounded by inaccessible hills, was the last bastion of the Sinhalese, last monarch of Sri lanka. This monarch, great lover of beauty and nature, transformed the meadows and fields at the current Lake.

Nuware Eliya is known as the City Garden of Asia because of its hills, valleys and waterfalls. It is located at the foot of Pidurutalagala, the highest mountain in Sri Lanka. In this city you can enjoy: multiple fields of golf, parks, spectacular views of plantations of tea, excursions to Horton Plains where there is a sudden slope of thousands of meters and a beautiful architecture. No doubt the proposal from trip to Sri lanka leads to explore exotic filled with culture and nature.