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Travel In Balloon

Published / by Syd

Travel in balloon in Seville begin to grow when good weather looms. The experience of flying in hot-air balloon in Seville is unique and unforgettable and many experts confirm that it is the safest way to fly, since the risk is very low because only flight if weather conditions are favourable and the wind is soft. A balloon ride is a relaxing experience where you will feel the sensation of freedom enjoying splendid views. Give a walk or trip in balloon to the couple, brother or parents is an adventure that will not ever forget in life. The flight usually lasts an hour and a half.

In summer is usually done first thing in the morning, because you have to fly before high temperatures prevent it. There is no age limit, but passengers must be high enough to enjoy the landscape above the edge of the nacelle (120 centimeters). The number of people per basket is usually between 4 to 8 passengers. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing, according to the time of the year, and It is necessary to keep warm longer than normal. This is because the flight is set to an average height of three hundred meters and there above the air is colder. Although it is summer, take with you a wrap jacket isn’t over. Returning to Earth breakfast is offered to passengers a marsh and is the celebration of the baptism of air He baptizes with champagne and made delivery of a diploma that remember your feat.