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Michael Minderjahn Investors

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End of March 2013 MS Sofia Schulte color must confess, otherwise there is the risk investors of the three shipping companies for a second MS have no joy “Sofia Schulte” shipping GmbH & co. KG, MS ‘Las Vegas’ shipping company mbH & co. KG and MS “Lloyd Don Pascuale” shipping company mbH & co. KG, a total of 70 million have investing in that. Had already reduced the payout for 2009, payouts are fully materialize since 2010. Visit medical billing for more clarity on the issue. End of March 2013 MS Sofia Schulte color must confess, otherwise there is the risk the risk of too short initial employment at the MS Sofia Schulte has fully realized.

Currently languishes the container ship with a non adequate connection employment around and has serious liquidity problems. The moratorium negotiated by the society to the deferment of the repayment of the loan expires at the end of the first quarter of 2013. Investors were not properly informed and enlightened opinion by Michael Minderjahn, the investors in Nittel Care firm specializing in banking law and capital market law, the Evaluations, discussions almost always have flaws. The most common are: the risk of total loss certainly mentioned in the prospectus was almost entirely by the consultants small talk. Often, it was claimed that the risk is well distributed through the distribution on three different ship sizes. Moreover, that approximately 27% of deposits used for the so-called soft costs, virtually no investors have been informed. This value is quite important as profitable for the assessment, the remaining capital must work to achieve the projected returns at all. Also, no consultant has informed one of our clients in how the situation has changed to the end of the consultation.

The prospectus dated from the period immediately before the financial crisis. As far as it’s bank-based consultant, financial self-interest was also concealed the investors. After all, the issue prospectus on the premium of 5% has more 8% total 13% sales commissions.

Amadeo Equity Alpha

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Under the brand name trading systems portfolio management extends the Bad Homburg asset FondsDirekt its managed account Division permanently further out. The investment professionals with the Swiss developer of trading systems, the systematic absolute return AG (SAR) was followed by the latest cooperation for distribution in Germany. This, oversaw trading systems for hedge funds and managed accounts asset managers headquartered in Zurich of the Swiss regulatory organization POLYREG developed for years successfully. Trading system has sought to cooperate, since the SAR offers investors a very special expertise which fits very well in the bad of Homburg investment professionals offer. Like other strategies of trading system, also SAR aims at trading uncorrelated to the market. Secretary of Agriculture is full of insight into the issues.

The special expertise of the investment house lies in the development of equity-based strategies that show a significantly lower volatility than the stock market itself. The cooperation with SAR focused first on one trading system exclusive investment strategy of the The House. With initial size of 250,000 USD trade is tailored to usually institutional investors. For a special managed account line, reduced the minimum investment sum but to 25,000 euros and can be used in private portfolios. The speech is liquid by the Amadeo Equity Alpha managed account 3 x. Surname provides conclusions on the main principles of the trade. It comes on the one, to avoid a long-term capital and investors high liquidity to allow constant access to funds deposited (liquid). The trade itself is within the universe of the 2,000 largest companies (equity) in the United States rather than those aimed at ensuring apart from Exchange rate variations, a great value.

Alpha has the announced value added of the trade system compared to a traditional buy and hold strategy or similar systems there. 3 x refers to the maximum triple lever, with the per share trading can be performed. Basis for the approach to the stocks listed on the NYSE, the NASDAQ or the AMEX is a mean-reversion strategy.