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Urban trends are changing and a proof of this is the increasingly common construction of wooden houses, which is slowly becoming the preferred choice of those people who decide to build a country house. In recent years the construction of wooden houses is no longer an alternative for those people who only wished to develop its land in the cheapest way possible, to be the main choice for those seeking a home where reside in usual manner without sacrificing quality of life they had in their previous apartment or House. The owner chooses the design of modern houses when construction of wooden houses began to introduce in our country, the majority of companies engaged in this sector had several models of prefabricated housing, between which the buyer had to choose the one that most it conform to your needs. Today, one of the major enhancements for these companies is that the buyer can choose the characteristics of your future housing according to the criteria of design of modern homes that you like, does not have to adhere to a design already preset. Choose between modern houses design or traditional design the most usual is that the construction of wooden houses is based on the design of modern houses, since the use of wood is a relatively recent trend even in our society. However, no shortage of wooden houses that follow a completely and utterly traditional design, and the only difference is the material with which they are built. Everything depends on the tastes of the owner, that is who has the last word.

Dress Code

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In our time, despite the democratization of relations developed, is still relevant ddress code or rules under which the need to dress appropriately for certain occasions. In addition, for special occasions cases, clothing is created individually, and can not be bought at the store. Evening wear, as well as dresses for prom or wedding – a traditional event. I think every woman in a situation where, going to a business meeting, she had to frantically run around the house, choosing the dress. In the end, it turned out that no pet is not appropriate for this case.

Now it is all in the past, because to find a suitable female business suit in the cellar. The choice of shops and ateliers of tailoring is huge, but the first available thing will not get – modern trends dictate their own rules. From the tissues of the season relevant blend of wool and cotton (Or synthetic). Among the drawings are prevalent small band, big or houndstooth, and no less popular floral subjects. For office ideal combination of plain divers with different light blouses colors. Very topical palette containing colors from classic black to crimson, green also does not lose its relevance.

Fashion designers and leading brands of the world offer classic pantsuits in a large cell, tight skirts below the knee in combination with black turtlenecks and jackets with large geometric shapes. New models of business clothes women give elegance and, at the same time, the seriousness. In an effort to follow business image do not forget how important the right to pick up a bag and other accessories. Small but stylish accessories show good taste of their owner.