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To know if this relation is beneficial or is still more harmful to pluralism. Until point can exist or it transacional relation between culture and capitalism and thus the Amaznia not to be able to be seen of a form in which, perhaps, never it are seen, a possible more distant vision of the Golden El, vision that lasts on it has some centuries since the exit for first navigator route to the unknown Sea of the Ocidente. Read more here: Luxify. To raise questionings on this aspect beyond reviver the process of Brazilian settling, with the strong European oppression in the attempt of aculturao of the indians to become them allies of the metropolis with the calls missions, is also to perceive now that great part of it I still begin colonizador is remained, not more for Europeans, but yes for also living Brazilians and of the proper Amaznia. THE AMAZNIA AND THE CAPITALISM: A COMPLEX APARTMENT the Amaznia if presents today as a great source of natural and cultural wealth of the world, aspects that had always met in same, but only one extremely was valued during the centuries, of marketing economic character, that always prioritized the exploration of the Amaznia the lucrative ends, deforesting, extracting and burning, disrespecting of cruel and humilhante form there existing the cultural manifestations that depend directly on the natural way where they live. If you are not convinced, visit Sanofi. For better understanding of what it is if to say becomes necessary an embarkment in caravelas of the Europeans, travelling in the history of the arrival of the man ' ' white civilizado' ' in the Amaznia, that in search of new sources of wealth, still existing in the Europe, but little for the imperialistas ideals, would not allow that nothing a multitude of equalized natives opposed itself much less in its way ' ' animals selvagens' ' The known historical period as Average Age, period that precedes the routes of ' ' discovery of the Amrica' ' , with its feudal regimen it starts to present its first steps of decay parallel the limitations of considered products indispensable dominant social classroom, this fact made with that the commercial relations if expanded beyond the feudals, until then, self-sufficient. . Click Sean Rad for additional related pages.

Anderson Sena Barnab

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The disparity of the use for region is absurd. While in Africa the average of water consumption for person is of 19 cubical meters per day, or of 10 the 15 liters for person, in New York (U.S.A.), a citizen arrives to consume 2 a thousand liters daily of treated and potable water candy. ' ' The World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) esteem as necessary to the average of 120 liters of water per day so that let us can keep our hidratao and hygiene and thus to diminish the risks of illnesses associates to this fator' ' , it explains Anderson Sena Barnab, biologist and doctor in Public Health for the University of So Paulo (USP). ' ' According to OMS, about 85% of the known illnesses are of hdrica propagation, that is, are related to the water, either for water ingestion contaminated with microorganisms or chemical products, either for factors that they propitiate environment favorable to the creation of insects vectors of patologias, as in the case of the affection and malria' ' , it adds the biologist (reviewed Heating global, 2008 p.25). Other critical data are supplied by the Organization of United Nations (ONU), that it chose 2008 as the International Year of the Basic Sanitation, in virtue of the constatao of that 2,6 million people live without sewer and water treated in the world. This panorama contributes especially so that goals of increase of the access to drinking waters, stipulated in 2002 for the development of the millenium, are each time more distant of being reached, in the developed countries less. 1,1 ANTICIPATED CRISIS the problem is synergic and involves factors as the deforestation, substances poured in the water and sewer without treatment. He affirms the hidrlogo Jose Galizia Tundisi, president and researcher of the International Institute of Ecology of Are Carlos, and author of the book Water in Century 21: Facing the Scarcity. .

Vegation Composition

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According to PAIVA recommendations (2001), in the composition of the vegetation of a square if do not have to introduce toxic species or that they present physical danger to the users and nor so little fruitful species, therefore they can cause some upheavals to its users (figure 2). As, it was observed that, species: Euphorbia you ingest laciniosa Bromlia, Mangifera indicates had been found with sufficient frequency. Inadequate species for square: Laciniosa Bromlia SOURCE: IT HISSES, M.L. 2006. In accordance with SAINTS (2001), species that present system to radicular superficial in reduced area and depending on quality of the used material, the pressure exerted for the roots will be able to provoke trincas and to compromise the space where if they find. Species was evidenced that as the Mangifera indicates rigid Parapiptadenia and other identified individuals do not compromise that physical space when observing (figure 3), see that the roots are provoking the particle disaggregation of the ground, this process if it intensifies during the rainy period. Figures 3? Species not identified that presents voluminous roots: SOURCE: IT HISSES, M.L. 2006.

The species diversity does not determine the identity of a space COAST et. al (1996). The 15 found species, in the square probably are proceeding from random plantios carried through by employees of the city hall who were unaware of the techniques of arborization of an area. Species with 3 and 2 individuals had been found representing (4.90%) and 5 species with only 1 individual representing 4.09% of the total of plants. Another indication that discloses the lack of knowledge and planning are that 17.21% of the trees and shrubs divide the space in one same seedbed (figure 4), other well next ones to the others without mensurao of espaamento. Mangifera indicates Psidum guayava, rigid Parapiptadenia, Hibiscus schizopetatus, Euphorbia you ingest and other strangers had been distributed of random form in the seedbeds.


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At maintaining the pace of modern mass extinction may occur in three centuries. Scientists argue that the cause of the sixth mass extinction would be human activity. Its harmful effect is damage to habitats, relocation of animals, spreading disease, killing fish and climate change. In order to prevent the massive extinction of species, experts urge humanity to action today: it is necessary to allocate money for preservation of endangered species, to make laws for the protection of flora and fauna. It should be noted that not only mammals are threatened with extinction. Extinction threatens and other species.

For example, in 2010 published a number of studies on the sharp decline in populations of reptiles on Earth. Thus, the study populations of snakes in Europe, Africa and Australia showed that over the past two decades number of reptiles has decreased significantly, and the reasons for this are unclear. The authors of another work believe that by 2050 nearly warming will inevitably lead to the extinction of 6% of the lizards, but if you do not take the necessary measures, by 2080 could disappear out of every five of their appearance. A rapid pace today is the extinction of bees. Scientists claim that the extinction of bees, which recently is due to unknown reasons, can aggravate food crisis has already begun on the planet. Plastic bags and the environment is very unusual for the results reached by researchers from the UK. They found that plastic bags are much greener paper packets and canvas bags.

Water Bacteria

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How to lose? First of all, increased secretion of gastric juice and its acidity, the deterioration process of absorption of water in gastrointestinal tract, resulting in deformed intestinal mucosa. And the longer this drink "dead" water, the less remains in the body of calcium, phosphorus, and alkaline phosphatase. Feel like mineral starvation is simple – the body as a powerful computer, just takes distress as dizziness, fainting, and muscle spasms. And this is just the beginning, as long calcium loss threatens the destruction of enamel, frequent bone fractures and the development of various serious diseases. So far, based on experience and research specialists, we can safely assume that many of the diseases are in daily use contaminated water. Microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration membranes can be used for water purification, but in the complex, because they do not have the ability to hold bacteria and viruses. They cost between 300 to 1,000 rubles. Reverse-osmosis systems are quite expensive from 20,000 to 60,000 rubles.

Household filters almost all water filters are based on coal cleaning. Absorbent carbon has a large surface area and is able to absorb large molecules of organic compounds, bacteria, and any mechanical particle, but this method of treatment does not protect against a variety of harmful substances. Moreover, For example, the filter-pitcher cartridges should be changed 1-2 times a month, otherwise there is accumulating rapidly multiply and harmful bacteria. For the sake of saving many neglected frequent replacement of cartridges. As a result, bacteria in the water at the outlet of the filter is greater than the input.

Ukraine Rain

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Weather – fickle and unpredictable thing. For us, but not for weather forecasters. On what to expect from the weather during the second half of May, they have learned our journalists. In early May, in Europe suddenly snowed. Ukrainians should not be afraid sudden changes in weather – forecasters say. According to the official site of the Hydrometeorological Service of Ukraine, the weather in the second half of May, please Dnepropetrovsk, as the sun and rain. Here it should be noted that the weather forecast in Dnepropetrovsk, as well as throughout the country, you can learn within a few degrees, only a few days. Because what will happen after a couple of weeks, we can only know approx.

However, until the end of May, the Dnepropetrovsk at intervals of several days will be rain clouds to visit, bringing with them lowering the temperature to 16, nine degrees. Thus, 13 and 14, are expected to warm sunny days with air temperature – 28, 30 degrees during the day, and in 15 and 16 days of cool rainy city take over the cyclone. Sunny weather is expected as 18, 20, 22, 24, 25 and 27 May. But on other days, do not forget leaving the house to grab an umbrella. So do not rush stuff kind of thing pigeonholed. Today, the warm, sunny morning again pleased Dnepropetrvoska residents. As for the weather in Dnepropetrovsk, the heat will last most of the day, only in the evening sky over the city becomes more clouds – so rain will manifest itself frontal wave.

Places will be light rain. It is also possible gusty winds. But overall, the weather today will delight dnepropetrovchan warm and sunny Light! May, as the most beautiful and gentle month of the year, will fly very fast. And if this still is not bad weather, you need the time to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere in full! After the summer this year promises to be hot and dry, and therefore, we will have enough time to miss the last month of spring.