Supply Management

– About fictitious leases indirectly indicated by the absence of related agreements and other documents: for example, fundraising by the lessor, the lessee of the property pledged to secure lease payments (or a guarantee, surety), as in real respects lease guaranteeing the fulfillment of obligations under the transaction is a business practice. – Any document leasing surgery, must describe the real relationship of the parties. Thus, the order must be sophisticated equipment in advance, logistics must be real, the supplier must have a real signs of active business and have the necessary resources (their own or borrowed from the side) for the actual execution of supply contracts. Because under certain circumstances, a leasing transaction may be considered sham, actually only a "cover up" the supply agreement, we can not allow a lease agreement had common features of the contract delivery. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jack Fusco by clicking through. How to justify expenditure on services management company profits for tax purposes? Costs taxpayer's control of the organization or its separate divisions, as well as the cost of purchasing services to manage the organization or its separate divisions, may reduce the organization received income, provided that these costs are economically justified and documented. The reports of the management company must be clearly traceable relationship of services management company with a production organization's activities. In particular, the statements (or acts of Acceptance of services rendered) may contain information about: – quality indicators to increase revenue – making and signing of the relevant instructions, standards or other regulatory documents – major transactions concluded during the period of control – reducing the cost of performance of manufactured products – rate of increase in sales – made programs to attract additional investments – financial development programs, with the aim of improving yield management company. .