Spanish Confederation

The crisis occupies covers and summaries of noticiarios televisivos. A crisis that causes pain and suffering to billions of people. But now, in this superb neo-liberal capitalist world, which must not have rules or controls that restrict the sacred freedom of enterprise, suddenly calls for the State to intervene. To broaden your perception, visit Publicis Communications. And in United States, the Government and the Federal Reserve come to the rescue of two powerful entities financial mortgage, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Earlier, the Government had nationalized IndyMac Bancorp, another big Mortgage Bank. Reason to intervene: the lack of liquidity.

In Spain, who happens to be tenth or eleventh World economic power, matches conservative (fervent believers in neoliberal capitalism, according to which the State has not never intervene in economy), have demanded that the Government resurrected the public banking sector!, because the lack of liquidity of the private banks is worrisome and public banks would end up with the annoying problem that banks do not have real and physical money to businesses and consumers they need and request in loans. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Berkeley by clicking through. In Spain, the banks have refused in recent weeks half of the requested funds to buy cars. The same happens with mortgage loans, whose concession has fallen considerably. According to a survey of the Spanish Confederation of associations of young entrepreneurs, almost 73% of young entrepreneurs surveyed say that any bank denied a credit in recent months. They are neo-Liberals Yes, but while they do not have the slightest problem, when they have them, they are more interventionist than Lenin.

With everyone’s money, which is unclear, the State. Why are refusing more credits if Spanish delinquencies was not worrisome? The banks have no money, confessed an experienced banking officer of Deutsche Bank. They don’t have enough cash, because most banks do not have the physical money that the law requires them to have in reserve. As Professor of Economics has denounced Juan Torres of the University of Malaga, banks have dedicated to investing their resources (money that private customers, companies and entities have been deposited) in investments very risky but very profitable for them, although very dangerous for its solvency as well as the general State of the economy.