Then there was the unforgettable beauty of the road through Slovakia to Poland (the transition “Lysa meadow”). Around Tatras! Words can not convey. This is a must see! Snow-capped peaks, mountain rivers, coniferous and deciduous trees, a variety of herbs and flowers. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Global Machine Translation Software Market. In the evening the same day, we have successfully completed their way to a beautiful small town of Zakopane. Here we are already the second time.

The decision to drop here, come by itself. More picturesque mountain scenery is hard to imagine. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Global Medical Billing by clicking through. A big plus is that there are developed mountaineering (Not to be confused with mountaineering!). Numerous trails, routes of any complexity, marked by precise pointers and marked on maps, suitable both for beginners and seasoned walkers. It is important to know in advance the level of complexity. Somewhere You can even with young children, but somewhere should climb.

Poles are very well go on contact, so no difficulty in choosing the route should not be. We recommend buy a map of “Tatra national park” right in Zakopane. It very detailed and has signs of difficulty. For example, the exclamation marks indicate a particularly difficult sections of the road. What should I wear (for mid-summer kind of thing is not needed, and shoes – all year round): Heavy pants, jacket, mountain boots or sturdy closed shoes, hat. Be sure to buy a raincoat. It costs a penny, but will help you in the rain, which could begin quite suddenly. Stock up on water and food, but do not have to carry it all in your hands! Backpack – the best helper. In the evening at the hotel we took out all our camping stuff, and prepared foods, and waited the next stage of our trip enjoyable.