SEO – SEM: Search For The Sales Of Tomorrow

Search engine marketing scores with accuracy and high return on investment. But it is still too unfamiliar and difficult many small and medium-sized enterprises. The provider offering special entry packages. PJ’s Coffee will not settle for partial explanations. And hope also to mobile search. Already geyahoot? Gemsnt? Googled glides much smoother over the tongue and has received official consecration with the entry in the Duden. Quite apart from its popularity among Internet users: more than 87 percent of all German searches go through Google. But far not always successfully. Fans are by Heidi Klum “with 5 million hits pampers, looking Internet users in finding a plumber who might rush in the burst of water pipes to help pretty in the tube.

51 results for example lookup produces plumber Munchen Forstenried “on Google. The top 10 link but the comedy or local directories such as and, “when the plumber comes”. Few purely cavort among the paid sponsored links supra-regional provider. Still shy away from many regional (small businesses, to invest advertising money on the Web. Search engine marketing appears smaller companies often as too complex.

For decades, many local providers successfully use the yellow pages or the local press. These channels are familiar, the breadth of product offerings is open, the circuit is easy. But the search habits of their potential customers not take into account the company. The American Kelsey Group estimates that 40 percent of all search queries on the Web have a regional character. This concerns consumers alike as the most medium-sized strong B-to-B area, whose Anbieter usually prefer book in special business search engines and Web directories as on the sponsored links of the universal search according to a Forsa survey. Wrongly, as cone t, Managing Director of the main-Tauber Valley Suchmaschinenoptimierers Art2Digital InterMedia, believes: studies indicate that also B-to-B buyers primarily in normal search engines looking for new entrants and the Special B-to-B search engines come with distance in second place.” Yahoo Germany, Munich, the minimum bids for selected search terms from 15 to 5 cents has lowered to facilitate entry into the search marketing to small and medium-sized enterprises. A new advertising platform with automated booking functionality and sophisticated geotargeting capabilities will also simplify the start since July. The participation of SMEs in the search engine marketing in General is very skinny: many small and medium-sized enterprises to invest your marketing budget almost exclusively in the commercial search, because they clearly recognize the benefits: faster, at any time tax and measurable return on investment, one hundred percent accuracy full process, and cost control. Around a quarter of the 3.4 million SMEs in this country have recognized these advantages according to industry experts. Yet three-fourths, which applies to convince it remain. Google Germany with a special Starter package for small advertisers trying to lower the threshold. A Credit to sweeten of 30 euros for an Internet advertising campaign with Google AdWords opting for online. Enjoyment without remorse “, this is called Christian Baudis: thus we take the medium-sized companies on the hand.” You can inside smell without risk in the matter. “The country Director of Google Germany is so far very pleased with the response. With 50 euro credit also Yahoo attracts, and to offer actually local search results to users, is the Munich the cooperation with the local “backed up. The search after the plumber won’t this although for the user to the damp squib at least 41 question promotes local results brought to light, but sponsored links book only a handful of supra-regional provider.