Theosophy gives us information, knowledge in pro help us understand the why go through this dimension, our reason for being in it, to give answers to countless questions that originate at the very moment of appearing on this plane, really determine who we are, what happens once we meet our time, chance at life, which happens when we face death In short questions that many have sought answers on different topics of our reason for being on this flat earth. An interesting take into account topic is regards the Devachan, notes, and we are reminded is a Sanscrita word which literally means place of the gods, where the soul enjoys complete happiness; but as the gods do not have bodies like ours, I impersonal at Devachan is devoid of mortal body and as well, he points out, says (source where we rely for these notes): having already shown that just more than the threshold of the human life there is a place of disintegration where the upper part of the man is separated from its gross and lower elements, we turn to examine what actually is, after death, the State or condition of the true being, that immortal being traveling life in life. In an effort to get rid of the physical body, the men all enters Lama-Loka, in purgatory, where again the fight and disclaims for itself the lower Skandas. For even more opinions, read materials from PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans. Once completed this period of birth, the higher principles of Atma-Buddhi-Manas begin to think in a different way to that body and brain allowed him during life. Us adds the source of cited information, which in the ancient books it has been said that this state persists for an infinite number of years, or for a period proportional to the merits of being; and when peculiar mental forces in that State have been exhausted, being is attracted back toward Earth for rebirth in the world of mortals. .