Sacred Heart

I make another stop on the route, to watch a woman who hangs out the clothes, washing by hand with the same river. It seems that the school start time. Students do not reflect the universal joy that would have students leaving a metropolitan school classes, as here, imagine that in the classroom more fun than helping handicrafts in their huts, situated on your doorstep. He skirted the end of what would be the second main street where timidly (… and rightly so) is taking a shower before me, a woman who is not covering the chest at first. I imagine that would happen if it happened a surreal situation like this in my country, where women would look to men for evil and good. Upon reaching the last house in the village, I stop to watch patiently the techniques used for the construction of new huts lined by palms and bunches of dried leaves intertwined with strips of bamboo. It seems Thai in the country have found a more peaceful and tranquil haven on the other side of the border. Of the 7,000 registered Padaung in Myanmar, 300 are refugees in the three small settlements inhabited the area and that is due to the late 80s, during the war between the Burmese military and rebel groups and Karen drug lords, the inhabitants of many villages sought territory across the border. The climax of the village puts the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus ", which adorned the facade of a palm leaf church they built at one end of town.