Red Banner

For courage and endurance in the naval battles of Maxim Ignatyevich Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on May 16, 1944 Hero of the Soviet Union. For Military Merit during the Great World War II he was awarded two Orders of Lenin, Order of the Red Banner and Red Star and many medals. He died in our countryman sorokashestiletnim 1958. In honor of Hero of the ship named after him fishing fleet country, a street in the city Surazh, and his busts are installed at home in the village and in Vlazovichi Surazh. Stupakov Mikhail is a knight of the three Orders of Glory, which equates to the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. He was born in 1924 in a peasant family in the village Gudovka Surazh district. Before the war the family M.Y.

Stupakova moved in Donbass, where he studied and worked before being drafted into the Red Army. Mikhail Ivanovich September 1943, with interruptions in treatment hospital after the injury was in the Great Patriotic War. The museum has a military unit, which served as our neighbor, so far kept his coat with shell-holes of the eighteen fragments. First Order of Glory, MI Stupakov was awarded August 30, 1944 for taking part in repelling the enemy attack near the village of Kembartsin Kelmskogo region of Lithuania. In this battle, ordinary Stupakova detachment platoon destroyed two enemy. Second Order of Glory degree Guard Sergeant Michael Stupakov earned for suppression of enemy firing points by mortar fire in the area Shilvenshini, thus successfully accomplish the combat mission of the entire rifle. Then MI Stupakov participated in the battles for Koenigsberg.

By this time he was commander of the detachment, and his chest, but the Order of Glory, decorated with the Order of the Red Star and a medal "For Military Merit." Commanding detachment in April 1945 our countryman has shown strength, courage and bravery during the suppression of fire weapons and manpower Nazis destroyed ten mortar and machine gun 155 of the enemy, captured 30 German soldiers. Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on June 29, 1945 Mikhail Ivanovich Stupakov awarded the Order of Glory of the first degree. After demobilization from the army, MI Stupakov kulinariyny graduated college and worked in the catering of Esinovataya Donetsk region. He died full of knight Order of Glory in 1972.