Ramon Gallegos

I remember that had caused such passion that already felt an annoyance of teachers who are dedicated to fulfilling what quality management system manual set, the famous ISOS, SGC, in the technological, that whether it was or not important for education in Mexico, that the Institute already had achieved quality certification, that training courses had referred to this proven. After that we engage, define, and we are located. I mention Dr. Ramon, the quality management system, is entirely administrative, not confuse, education, education is something pure, not measured with a pattern or teaches only one way for all students, when you arrive home, do not take your guide or its format and fix that step follows? I little say today touches love half an hour and immediately continues reading a story etc., it was an example of more clear and I agree, we can not standardize it the education of our students, true education is inclusive, is comprehensive, covers everything, is not reduced to logical steps as if algorithm, at a pace, yet standard, by which we lose the more importantWe lose your sense, we lose our own being, we lose love, not inject sensitivity or humility, divagamos the world without sense and that’s when we put a sentimental value or a single value to material things, grow the attachments and enriches the ego. By what my awakening in these two years came as a gift, my daughter has a warranty, I’m very happy!. told us the story. For me the master means a change, a discovery a trip myself, master to been a rallying, you have much love to everything you are involves in this, Dr. Ramon Gallegos, my dear teachers, it is something very special, first by this place that occupies in the Masters program, originally was from my mother, my mom was which was aimed to make it, gave me to my, arises the opportunity take this it thing more possible later, my daughter is born in this period, there is a change of mindset and arises what perhaps I not had happened then, or not happened I never that is to know that I exist, recognize me as a human being, acknowledge my own spirituality, and know serve. .