President Wilhelm Uschtrin

Last Thursday, the FirmenKontaktGesprach (FKG) at the new University on the Sander ring took place for the umpteenth time. AIESEC Wurzburg can look back on a great interest. Wurzburg – took place last Thursday for the umpteenth time the FirmenKontaktGesprach (FKG) at the new University on the Sander ring. Educate yourself with thoughts from Unifor. Satisfied, the international student organization AIESEC local Committee can look back on a great interest among the students at the fair. The FKG is intended as a bridge between students and companies and offers both sides together to contact the possibility. In addition to the well-known companies such as Siemens and Deutsche Post stands, many visitors visited also offered presentations of companies. icture of the situation. Official site: Digital Cameras. To make the student as an individual in the foreground, AIESEC organized also interviews with the personnel staff of the exhibitor.

It is important that the students have the opportunity to take a partner is not only deeply about the company to inform, but even the chance to us to their thesis or an internship to find. “, as the team leader of the FKG Linda Fietz. In advance two workshops, preparing interested in cooperation with Dipl. kfm. Carsten Muller by MLP on the application process of a group served as an aid on the way to the dream job. The Wurzburg AIESEC team welcomes the positive feedback of the student as the entrepreneurial side, so that local President Wilhelm Uschtrin confirmed the continuation of the FKG. Since 1952, AIESEC in Germany promotes cultural exchange and international cooperation. Now largest international student organization of worldwide presence in over 100 countries and inspires students as companies always by professionalism, dedication, and enjoying the work. Contact: Daniela Garcia press and Media Manager 2012/13 AIESEC Wurzburg new road 58 (Schildhof) 97070 Wurzburg