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ScheduleOnce has today announced the launch of its new successful appointment and meeting planner. ScheduleOnce has today announced the launch of its new successful appointment and meeting planner. This new version increases the capabilities of the group scheduling and adds the online scheduling, one to one scheduling and activity planning function. In this new version, each user gets his own MeetMe page where people can see when it is available and you can easily make an appointment with him. The MeetMe page can be used, appointments, online set under four eye meeting and repetitive activities. ScheduleOnce is since 2006 and launched its first version at the beginning of the year 2008.

Between 2008 and 2010, the user community grew slowly but surely to 10% in the year. But the number of users activities has more than doubled since the introduction of the new version in July of this year. We have received enthusiastic feedback from our existing and new customers” said Rami Goraly, CEO of ScheduleOnce. We can now see, that is the hard work really paid off.” The new version of ScheduleOnce is aimed at individuals and companies, who need a friendly and easy to use appointment scheduling software. Service providers, self-employed persons, scientists, trainers, administrative assistants, employees of the public service, banker, photographer, trainer and broker will quickly determine that ScheduleOnce is online the best appointment scheduling system for their scheduling. ScheduleOnce is when employees of many well-known organizations such as IBM, NASA, Google, Microsoft, Orange, Stanford University, Kaiser Permanente, Alcatel-Lucent, with Harvard University and more successfully in daily use. The new version provides a forward agreement function for incoming events, which differs strongly from other scheduling solutions.

While other solutions usually only a calendar of the user about the free/busy times show, allows ScheduleOnce is presented the user completely to check its availability. This is especially important for service providers such as trainers, teachers, trainers, photographers, and anyone who takes appointments online. So as no one like to want to eat in an empty restaurant, nobody will schedule a meeting with a service provider which is also otherwise scheduled. The user can type in exactly in ScheduleOnce, how many periods are displayed regardless of its general availability, per day. This release marks an important milestone on a path that is not yet over. ScheduleOnce is constantly working on improving its product to establish it as the leading personal scheduling software on the market. The additional features in its free plan, ScheduleOnce is working now, new Premium plans that include additional special features and are free of advertising, to develop. It is expected that this premium plans in October this Year will be available. About ScheduleOnce ScheduleOnce an online appointment scheduler is extremely easier to plan your time with people in your business life and social life there. ScheduleOnce is not a calendar. It is an application for online scheduling, which integrates your existing schedule and makes more efficient scheduling. ScheduleOnce is closely linked with the Google forward Planner and can connect with Outlook and iCal.