Pablo Waterfall Alfonso

I castrate Alves is not the poet of the lack and the absence, but, as already we saw the poet of the presence. It is the present love that generates the poetry, from there it to be for the poet next I sing to it of what of lamento’ ‘. RONCARI, 2002, 488. ‘ ‘ The studies of the africanidade it has the purpose to promote the respect to the right of the descendants of Africans, as well as Brazilian citizens, the valuation of its cultural ethnic-historical identity, its identity of etria band and sexo’ ‘. Petronilha apud MUNANGA 2001, 157. Our assay priority to analyze the poetry of I castrate Alves, more necessarily the Waterfall of Pablo Alfonso, its poetical enrollment and politician, this is the reason for the choice of a Waterfall of Pablo Alfonso, who is the union of 33 poems, its denunciative text in the construction, that it portraies questions of love, hinterland, suffering, blood, resistance so well, and are fruits of an approach of the reality of our country.

The Waterfall of Pablo Alfonso is composed for 33 poems, that portray situations of the day, a society escravocrata, were for much critical time forgotten for and the scholars, in some books comes connected to the Slaves, in others, however, it comes separate. The poems possess rhythms, sizes and diversified measures, to all are 1,271 verses. The ousadia of I castrate Alves very bothered the powerful ones of the time, and today 164 years after its death still generates controversy. I castrate Alves is of the romantic generation, with realistic trend. In the parsianismo, the poets used its works for artistic ends and not humanitarian and denunciative as of I castrate Alves.