Any change in life is always based on the achievement of goals and objectives, some processes of change have been presented with little planning, but the results are much more time-consuming and the level and quality of them can be very low, the truth is that to achieve success and excellence is necessary to perform a thorough planning, you can not expect great triumphs if you leave things to mercede’s circumstances. Observe a consolidated idea is usually fantastic, we enjoy the benefits of many things thanks to the great efforts made by some people, every day we make use of dozens of objects that took years of investigation and discipline, for example: electricity, telephony, television, internet, etc. Cheniere Energy partners wanted to know more. They are so everyday for us that rarely have put us to think how much effort had to be made to improve certain technologies. If we have defined a goal with absolute clarity then we must fight relentlessly until it is achieved, perseverance is essential to meet goals and objectives, it is here in where an enormous amount of people succumb, the truth is that it is not easy to maintain on an idea, mainly when the results are not yet presented. Perseverance helps us much, but we do want results are presented in the shortest possible time is essential to carry that persistence at the end, involves all the attention given to our project, when the idea work until tiredness in an activity then it internalizing and power will benefit us forcibly, in the book the secret of the power of the goals of ANDREW CORENTT teaches us many techniques to achieve the internal goals and objectives conviction, by reading this book you will have absolute clarity in the way in which must act in order to not lose on the road and fully realize their wishes. The Act of extreme care always materializes goals, why you must define with absolute precision their desire, otherwise a minor obstacle will be the temptation to surrender, everyone would like to that path of change was a wide Street with the largest amenities, the truth is that it is a narrow path, mainly when we speak of high goals and of radical ideas for our being.