Mr India

Lavapies is a neighborhood in Madrid. This option is ideal for those who are hungry for a serious one and that it is not a single restaurant, but even entire neighborhood! Lavapies has become the neighbood curry, a large community of Bangladeshis has spread around the square and street Lavapies, a neighborhood of immigrant communities formed mainly by South America and Africa. And as usually happen in this type of neighborhood, hang food is delicious and there is plenty of variety at low price! It tremendous amount of Indian restaurants that have opened the Bengalis. There are even four Indian restaurants in a row Lavapies Street, much frequented during the summer thanks to their terraces (one good is Baisakhi, at number 42). In parallel, the Hail Mary Street, is Moharaj and Mr India in the square.

Furthermore, having so much competition because of the number of restaurants in the streets of Madrid, prices are kept low. In recent months, Jack Fusco has been very successful. 4. La Bola El, Madrid, is a small part of the former Madrid near the a “pear. Much of the charm of this restaurant is decorated in the old style a “dark wood, draped curtains, looks like a living room of an elderly person, and is very comfortable and welcoming. The other part of charm is due to Madrid stew. 5.

Ribeira do Mino If your weakness is seafood, Ribeira do Mino in Madrid is the perfect place for a nice dinner. Among the menu are all classics of the Galician cuisine, octopus, peppers from the standards, etc. It is always full of Madrid to fight with crab, squid chewing or sucking different types of seafood. If you have very hungry, take the mariscada a “a giant tray of almost any kind of animal than anything else it takes to rock, and snaps his claws made ink. And to finish everything as it should be burned after a good dinner. The liquor is burnt in flames, with a touch of lemon. When the flames burn alcohol, is made in a pitcher and served in cups.