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Despite the ups and downs in demand for tourist travel, vacation in Egypt enjoys a stable popular among our countrymen. Red Sea resorts attract a lot of Russians, beautiful sea, good quality service and affordable prices. At the same time you can swim and sunbathe all year round, including the . Numerous tourists go on holiday in Egypt in Moscow and other large cities, and Tours in this country, most tour operators offer. Entry visa to be purchased directly at the destination airport, so that the trip does not cause additional worries. Symantha Rodriguez helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

Most tourists go to Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh, where there are plenty of hotels, from three star to five star. Optimal choice in terms of price and quality can be considered four-star hotels, and in Sharm el-Sheikh, quality of rest a few higher than in Hurghada. Keep in mind that prices on vacation in the resorts of Egypt are highly dependent on the season, and at the beginning of September, some fall and spring days are hard enough to fall. At the same time in the period of greatest demand prices could rise three times. The most expensive are things to do in Egypt on New Year's and winter holidays, but at this time there is good weather, the heat is not as debilitating, the warm sea, the sun provides a beautiful tan. In the summer in Egypt is hot enough, but there is a category of tourists, for whom it is summer – the best time to relax. Fans of diving will find in the Red Sea a lot of interesting things, but in the summer it is well heated, so that even at depth and can be warm enough to spend much time in diving. It should be noted that in the coastal waters of the usual wide variety of fish and grow different varieties of coral, so that divers from around the world with pleasure come to Egypt.

While vacationing in Egypt, be sure to perform a series of rules to not get in trouble and lose health. In the first place, as in most Southern countries, there should not drink water from the crane and use it for brushing teeth and washing fruit. Should be used only drinking bottled water, and it can not buy bottled drinks and ice on the streets. If this rule most of the tourists trying to follow, some of our fellow citizens to abuse alcohol, which is highly undesirable to do. Although drinking is not prohibited, for being drunk may be arrested, and you will spend the rest not on the beach and in the chamber, and still spend a significant amount of the fine. Also, in no case can climb on the pyramid and break off "in memory" pieces of ancient monuments, damaging the coral. Violation of these rules is severely punished. Egypt – Muslim country, and to sunbathe and swim, "topless", and the more naked, is strictly prohibited. You also can not swim in the sea at night, and if you swim to touch the fish – many of them are poisonous. By following these basic rules behavior, you can relax here in Egypt and return to a healthy and rested, as well as with many pleasant memories.