Moroccan Etiquette Rules

The Moroccans are a people very respectful of foreign customs. Show us also curious about life in other countries and are forgiven with a smile and without giving the minor gaffes that tourists often committed out of ignorance of the basic rules of protocol Morocco. Still others not try to work a little bit in knowing a few rules to ensure good relations in business meetings or friendship between the shaman and the Western tourist / the inhabitants of Morocco. Moroccan Tile a Greetings are not afraid of physical contact. That is something that Europeans must understand before we got off the plane to avoid misunderstandings.

It is commonly found in the street men walking hand in hand, to hug and kiss repeatedly. That kind of body language in the West is immediately understood as examples of homosexual love in Morocco is not only the common gesture between two friends. The word Juia, brother, to refer even to complete strangers, is used very often and that should give us an idea of the psychological proximity between people in cities like Marrakech. Among men the most common greeting in a presentation is a strong handshake. When there is more confidence men greet each other with two kisses (cheek left and right) and as it forges a friendship and affection increases, also increases the number of kisses always in multiples of two. As for when we greet in the street, we tap the chest with the palm open.