A thing is fact: The Internet diminished the distances between the people. happily, also diminished in the distance between who needs services and who gives services. Many companies already use the Internet to vender products and services, to present ideas, and what she is more interesting: Autonomous worker, as lawyers, already had discovered the value of the Internet to divulge its services. Old, when it was necessary to consult a process in a remote city, they were several the difficulties: Expenses with lodging, depending on in the distance; Expenses with fuel/tolls or tickets, depending on the place; The time necessary to only verify the course of a process or for a hearing of conciliation. Now, in case that you are ahead of this situation, you it can simply locate a corresponding lawyer in the Internet in the city that you need to carry through the service (to consult the process, hearing of conciliation, etc.), to enter in contact, to close a value (that with certainty will be much more in account of what travelling until the city to carry through the work) and to receive the result from the carried through work.

Soon! Everybody was given well in this history: Who contracted the corresponding lawyer, therefore it saved time and money; The corresponding lawyer, who obtained a new customer; This everything because the Internet, that allows that any person announces its services (in the example, a corresponding lawyer), and that to any it locates it person. this is not newness: If you to search on this subject in the Internet, will see that the amount of lawyers who are giving this type of service is very great. Another advantage is that the lawyers are not alone who can give this type of service. Other services, as copies of processes, simpler petition protocol and other services also can be carried through by people who are not lawyers, but are involved in the way (as students of right, trainees, among others). as to find a lawyer corresponding? Ours site is specialized in searching and divulging lawyers corresponding. To search, it has access: To locate Corresponding Lawyer and if you are a corresponding lawyer, you also you can register in cadastre yourself gratuitously: To register in cadastre itself as Corresponding Lawyer Debtor for the reading!