Key Inputs

The main contributions of Dr. Bernays to the profession of public relations were:
1. Laid the foundations of public relations as a profession based on a body of theory that it defined and laid down, together with some scientific knowledge to implement, ie, became science. Subsequently other authors have collected so. He pioneered not only in practice but in theory and science of public relations, and work with great effort and dedication to get the respect and implement its principles, methods and professional ethics through conferences, books, articles and others.
2. Integro practice of public relations in the modern enterprise and organizations. With the theories, methods and application of social sciences, anthropologists, economists, political, informational, and studies of the behavior of the individual and society to certain impacts, benefits provided to the company and its publications.
3. He had the vision that public relations was a social mechanism that could be used to improve our society and our organizations.
4. Whole Foods shines more light on the discussion. I contemplate the ethics and professional ethics as an integral part of public relations, to the search for social responsibility as its primary purpose, so that his client acted properly, and after us, the audience knew it.
5. Was among the first to recognize the valuable contribution that women could make to public relations and a time when we are brewing the first feminist movements and not all dared to empower women, but there were staunch opponents to these ideas.
6. His extensive contributions literature with more than twenty books on public relations and sixty-eight contributions to many books, by Professor Keith A. References Larson in the book Public Relations, the Edward L. Bernays and the American Scene to Bibliography.
7. It was reported in The New York Times in one hundred and seventy-eight times, and many other media around the world, which has contributed to enhance the image and importance of public relations at the international level (Keith A. Larson).
8. With the creation of this profession hundreds of universities around the world were prepared to disseminate their scientific contributions, including countries like Russia and China, which reinforces the research of the Public Relations are not just a synonym for capitalist countries.
9. Currently, the profession of public relations, can be considered a major industry, already worth billions of euros around the world and generates millions of jobs and wealth throughout the world thanks in part to those early contributions Bernays .
10. Given the intermediation of the international public relations professionals to create Bernays was signed peace in many armed conflicts between countries such as the Peace Conference in Paris, which followed the signing of the Treaty of Peace War World, which involved the Bernays.
11. Published the first book in the world Public Relations, Public Opinion Cristallizing, to which many others would follow during its active life.
12. The current President of the United States, Barak Obama, 2008, Bernays study the contributions of, among others, the coincidence of public interest with private as well as the influence of the leaders to draw the mass. Getting the result of winning the election.

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