Israel Museum

Israel – a magical and extraordinary country in the Middle East. There is probably no more famous places on the planet. Every year here arrive on holiday and not just thousands and thousands of tourists and pilgrims who wish to improve their health. Holidays in Israel is great. Israel as if created exclusively for tourism and recreation. For even more analysis, hear from Peet’s Coffee.

The harmonious combination of modern cities with hundreds of comfortable hotels, a lot of different attractions really beautiful nature, as well as a lot of legends and beliefs, one way or another connected with Israel, making this holy land is really attractive to tourists. Israel as a diamond multifaceted, there is still no one such country, wherever so closely intertwined, and through one another across cultures and religions. After all, Israel is rightly called the Holy Land and Jerusalem – the holy city of three religions. Jerusalem – is legend, is living history, this spirit of antiquity and at the same time modern neighborhoods, where every street, every lane, especially in older parts of town, keeps thousands of years of history. Jerusalem is equally revered Jews, Christians and Muslims. To go on tour in Jerusalem – the dream and the sacred duty of many believers.

This city is actually a museum with hundreds of treasures and artifacts. Nevertheless, of course, you can find here a museum with a difference words. The most popular are probably the City of David Museum of the countries mentioned in the Bible. You can see the model of ancient Jerusalem at the Israel Museum.