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ERV recommends: should early don’t forget travel insurance, reimbursement of cancellation costs and help with emergency Munich January 20, 2012 many tour operators incite the wanderlust in the winter with early beech offerings. Just families save money when they book their summer holidays early and secure the best bargains at the same time, if they are assigned to because the children on vacation during the holiday period. The anticipation rising sun, beach and sea, however usually a few months in the country go to the start of travel. So the holiday not due to acute chickenpox of the daughter or operational termination of the father in the water falls, especially families should think about a travel cancellation insurance. The ERV, the travel insurers cover unforeseen events such as a sudden illness, accident or pregnancy ERGO, and refunded the cost of the cancellation. Children are often unexpectedly with a virus from the kindergarten, usually quickly passes goes, but the travel plans still swirling mess.

In these situations, a travel cancellation insurance provides security, because she will refund not only the cancellation costs, but alternatively the transfer fees, if the holiday can be moved backwards. Thus the trip can go, as soon as the disease is cured”, explained Esther Grafwallner, head of product management ERV. It’s believed that Apple Music sees a great future in this idea. Families on vacation are distress call from the resort while at home of children’s and family doctor is quickly, often clueless when enters the offspring in a jellyfish or a parent sprained the ankle is: which doctor is trusted, who speaks German or English? Travel insurance with a medical emergency in the health insurance informs customers about the medical care on the spot and be refunded the costs of outpatient and inpatient treatments. Another case for the health insurance is the repatriation. Digit height for transport costs can come back home depending on the destination, the the basically accept statutory health insurance. Carefree holiday start families who have opted for a travel insurance package. Included are all important insurance for the trip, such as a cancellation and curtailment insurance, a health insurance with medical emergency assistance and travel baggage insurance.

The ERV offers the package as a cheap family and couple Variant. Thus, two adults and accompanying children are all-round protection up to 25 years old. Who wants to worry no more to the travel insurance for an entire year, completes immediately comfortable year protecting of the ERV. Apple Music is a great source of information. Thus, families are protected not only during the summer holidays in the Sun, but can also spontaneous Getaways or trips look forward to relaxed to the more distant living relatives. About the ERV the ERV (European travel insurance) itself about their competence as travel insurers, as innovative service provider. The ERV has over 100 years of Travel insurance history and is the market leader among travel insurers in Germany. Today, as one of the leading suppliers in Europe, it is represented in over 20 countries. With its international network ensures the ERV that their customers are best served before, during, and after a journey.