General Commander

Some of these people had been part of my staff. Of the day where I entered in the Armed Forces until today, if they had passed only forty years, since then, I made you vary friendships and also you vary inimizades, but thanks to God, they had been more friends so far, I remember each one of the integrant ones of my team well, and know ties today where they are, since always they see here to speak of the old times, after all, they always me they had considered as a father of the same age, since I was I trained who them and I made of them the men who are today. We never leave nothing to intervene with our friendship, I believe that we are more than a family, of all, I I am the only one that still I continue in it I exercise, although to have 58 years, and to be to retire me, still I have some projects to carry through, one of them and to arrive 1 northeast General Commander, since is the only patent that lacks to me to occupy, since I am 1 Commander of Alagoas, Bahia, Sergipe and Pernambuco, position that I occupy thanks to my Patrician wife, folloies who me has many years and she always kept me calm and preventing that I lost the patience with mine superiors, helping keeping mine genius me controlled, another project that I intend to conclude, and the construction of aerospace suit T.A.F. 5000, that I come developing has five years. I have many histories to count, histories mine and of my friends, as we know in them, as we help some if to marry, as we embed some, as we turn a family and as it was born SilverFox. My main history starts in a fatdico point and tragic of my life and many soldiers with who I had the pleasure and the honor of servile, an event never seen until then, where many had died, and few know of the occured truth during a certain training.